Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beaux Bangles

Pile these on and you're dressed, accessorized and out the door.

Remember one arm only, some crazy fashion people may call the thick versions "cuffs" and wear them on both arms, but force yourself not to think of them as synonyms for shirt, sweater or jacket cuffs, i.e. left and right wrists.

They're a great finishing touch to any ensemble either in multiples or just one big statement bangle.  French women pile them on. They don't take a lot of premeditation or complicated coordination and they're sort of fun to wear.  They also clink together which could either be amusing or annoying depending upon one's temperament. 

They can be exceedingly expensive, dirt cheap -- or both.  It doesn't matter.

(Note the ones in prune I slipped in up there. . .)

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