Monday, November 17, 2008

Flash Black

Until I saw a friend of mine buying her baquette in our little village the other day --decked out in one of her black Marithe + Francois Girbaud costumes, black sunglass and red, red lips -- I thought black nail polish was created for two market profiles:  Goths and women who work in the fashion industry. 

I also thought it would be the perfect solution for the scratches on the side of my car.  

Then Linsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham, among others went out in public with black nails, not that I consider this an endorsement even though it may be a fashion statement.  

I find the idea of looking down at black fingernails exceedingly creepy unless it's a one-off for some particular or peculiar reason.  It took me years to get used to Chanel's iconic "Vamp" polish introduced in 1994 and described as "a deep, dark chocolaty-red".  Now it looks tame next to the company's "Black Satin".

Here's what I suggest if it's really, really important for you to have black nails:  buy a teeny bottle of Bourjois, "Diner a Paris", get it out of your system and go immediately back to "Ballet Slipper" or "Bikini Rose" for example, i.e. just a whisper of palest pink.  (BTW for those who may have forgotten, Bourjois is the same company as Chanel.)  The sweet little minis pictured here (not in Diner a Paris, #39) cost a mere three Euros in Paris, probably less in the States. 
P.S.  I hate to go there, but feel I must:  If you have what I prefer to call "sun spots" as opposed to "age spots" on your hands, forget the whole thing unless you're willing to get them zapped off with a few -- yes, it takes more than one -- laser treatments.

I've done this, it feels like the doctor is snapping your hands with big, fat rubber bands and as I mentioned in my other blog I almost slapped her.

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