Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Girls Night In

Tonight I'm backing Champagne (Henriot, reasonably priced and very, very good), these adorable cotton pin-striped -- white, light blue and navy -- pajama bottoms from Landsend ($12.95) and one of my zillions of classic, white Gap T-shirts ($16.50).

I'll also be wearing a to-die-for navy Eric Bonpart cashmere cardigan from a few seasons ago and accessorizing with a pair of knee-high navy socks I'm borrowing from my husband and a navy herringbone cashmere and silk scarf my daughter gave me years ago.  No make-up,  just my magic serum and cream combo I'll tell you about another time.  Stay-tuned.

I'm going to a an election night sleepover with my American friend Donna* (also married to a Frenchman).  She's providing the food, from caviar to cookies, I'm supplying the drink.  

We plan to sip and nibble our way across all four U.S. time zones as the results pour in.  (The East coast is six hours earlier than we are; the West coast is nine hours earlier.)  We figure we'll actually sleep at about six or seven a.m. our time.

Win or lose we'll drink the Champagne to drown our chagrin or celebrate our euphoria. 

Just think tomorrow when I write to you we'll have a new president.  

*Donna is a wonderful artist.  If you would like to see her work go to her blog (she also has a website) donnagourdol.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

our evening was lovely so I thought I should leave you a comment on your lovely PJ's. inside joke.That night was a night to remember thank you for making it even better....

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