Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Say No

It seems to me our list of things to worry about grows apace with our birthdays.  Something is always threatening to bulge, droop or need serious moisturizing -- and that's just from the neck down. 

Problems become even more terrifying when we start concentrating on individual body parts.  Take the lips for example, the challenges in this tiny area are legion.  Here we've got "feathering, bleeding and slippage."  (Apparently they shrink too.)

It used to be the only time we were concerned about slippage was trying not to fall down.  Now quite a few of us have those upper lip bar code lines just waiting for bleeding, feathering and yes, slippage.  So what do we do?  We outline the problem with colorful lip liner, kind of like putting a red line under a word to draw attention to its importance.  

Indulge me, I have to say this: lip liner is waaaay at the top of my beauty faux pas list.  I've been on hundreds of fashion photo shoots and yes, makeup artists line models' lips, but always, always with the same color as their lips (or the lipstick) and believe me I have never been on a shoot with models who have creepy upper lip lines.  If perchance you are one of those exceedingly rare women who knows how to do this little trick, more power to you.  If you're not, may I offer a few suggestions to save you from making yourself look older and just plain weird.  

At the outset we know we have to contain the "slippage, bleeding and feathering," but we don't have to outline it in color.  Above are two invisible lip liners which keep lipstick and gloss where they belong without emphasizing our little problems.  Right now I'm using one from L'Oreal with a teeny point called "Sheer Fidelity"  Infaillable Lip Liner Crayon-- even the name makes me feel better.  The two above, one from DuWop; the other Sally Hansen are excellent as well.

Last lip tip:  Try to learn how to use a lipstick brush.  Every makeup artist in the world uses them because they give precise, well-defined coverage.  Plus you get a little bonus, you can reach every last vestige of your favorite color before you toss the tube. Yes, it takes slightly longer than a quick swipe with the tube, but everything seems to take longer these days.  And remember, you're worth it. . .
(This MAC lip brush above is one of the best.)


Dee Dee, Chicago said...

Ok, I have a question. I do line, but not to keep things from feathering, but to fill out my already thinning lips.. I try to use a color close to the lipstick or as close to my actual lip color as possible. It fills in where the lip is disappearing... is there a product for that? The invisible ones will not fill in the long fading natuarl lip lines. Thanks Tish!

Tish Jett said...


Hello, hello. I'm afraid there isn't a product that fills in where there are no lips -- at least not one I've ever heard about -- but the fact you're using a liner that's the same color as your lips, is great. Just continue on: use the liner as your "lipstick" and slick a little gloss over everything. I don't think you should try to draw attention to your lips by using super bright colors. I've been using, just for fun two lip plumpers: Fusion Beauty,Inc. and Plump Lips. Do they work? Sort of...

Bobbi Brown makes great lip liners in natural tones.

Hope this helps, merci for asking,

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