Monday, November 24, 2008

One Size Fits All

Today I'm multi-tasking.  I just finished my article on Sonia Rykiel for "Vogue Knitting", I'm posting this blog, my homemade vegetable soup is simmering in the kitchen and I'm deep-conditioning my feet.

Note funny little sockettes above, they're on my feet right now.  They are not only supposed to give me a "genuine moment of pleasure and relaxation," but also "the fringe benefit of moisturizing and soothing weakened, dry or damaged skin."

Excuse me, but I thought the "pleasure and relaxation" part was the fringe benefit.  I was paying for moisturizing and soothing for my weakened, dry and damaged feet.  When I want pleasure and relaxation I have my husband massage my feet and he's never asked for one centime.

At first glance I thought the insides of the socks were coated with some gooky ointment, but upon gingerly slipping my hand in to check I discovered a soft film that feels like a cushy plastic that is completely dry to the touch.  

The interior is coated with grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and vitamin E, even though there is no squishy evidence of these substances.  

They can be used 50 times and there's a picture on the back of the package that implies they can be dipped into water for a quick rinse, but all the other symbols -- washer, dryer, iron and dry cleaner have X's through them.  As if, someone would send them off to the dry cleaner.

(That's sort of like the car I once had that came with the warning not to remove the sunroof while driving.)

I wore my socks to bed last night until I had a nightmare that my feet were on fire and I had to rip them off, but so far I can confirm they seem to do what they're supposed to.  My feet are silky soft  -- and hot. 
(Spa Socks from Sephora)

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donna gourdol said...

I want a pair of these! you find the craziest things!!!!

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