Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Red + Blue = Purple

Is it just me or did any of the rest of the world watching CNN for nine hours last night notice all the purple, mauvish, plummy colored neckties, shirts, pochettes and the satin blouse worn by Campbell Brown?

Was the news team trying to tell us something
about the secondary color palette or were they making a political statement about how red and blue make purple -- in all its tones and nuances?

(Isn't this a prettier image of color than the map of the United States with the jarring juxtapositions of the red and the blue?)

Of course it could have simply been a major fashion moment for the season's hottest hue, prune.  

(Curiously, the silk tie and pochette, $26.95 and $14.95, come from a place called The Purple Store.  As the name implies everything is, you guessed it. . .)

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