Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fruits And Nuts

My coiffeuse was the first one to encourage me to eat dried apricots for my hair.   She also claimed, as an extra added bonus, my fingernails would be healthy and strong.  True enough, although difficult to prove.

What's not to like about dried apricots, except they are slightly calorific so you can't eat a pound of them.  Four halves are plenty.

My nutritionist, Claire, says if one tends to be tired and cranky, eat some dried apricots for breakfast.

Here is the short list of apricot attributess: fiber, beta carotene, vitamins A and C, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and more.

For last minute, no-time-for-lunch shopping, slip a bag of almonds in your sac to avert a moment of folie when you might be tempted to succumb to cakes or cookies and eat the almonds instead. Almonds are the hot, hot topic this summer in Paris. Actresses are quoted as saying they tote a box or bag of them wherever they go. 

The claims are made by extremely svelte woman who say they are great appetite suppressors. Of course they are to be consumed like a Frenchwoman, about 12 or so, no where near as many as you really, really want to eat.

Apparently research has shown that although almonds are high in fat and calories -- like everything else in this life they must be eaten in moderation -- the equivalent number of calories from other fatty food makes us gain weight, while the almonds help us maintain weight. 

Don't ask me; I don't understand.  All I know is we're supposed to eat them with the "skins" still on them because it's some chemical thing-or-other that doesn't get digested; passes through; I don't know; just trust me.


Lorrie said...

I went over to LuxeByte after reading comments on today's post, and her contribution to the sleep/seduction wear. Then I found her post recommending your blog and have read through all the gems that she linked to.
I see that a long perusal of your blog is in order, going back to the very beginning. I think I'll have a tisane at hand!

Anonymous said...

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