Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a Miracle

How often does one find a beauty product that does good and is good?  Exactly.

Argan oil is one of those rare, natural elixirs that is so pure one can eat it; spread it all over the body; nourish dry hair to a healthy shine and restore a rough, red face to baby softness.

Native to Morocco, the argan tree produces egg-shaped nuts from which a fine, edible oil is produced with valuable nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic properties.

A word of warning, if you drizzled your last drop of olive oil on last night's fish fillet, do not under any circumstances substitute cosmetic argan oil on this evening's salad.  You won't die, but you  probably have better things to do than spend the evening in your bathroom.

I don't know whether it "restores skin to a youthful appearance" but I can testify to the fact it
completely erased all traces of chapped skin on my face and body.  It also proved to be the best deep conditioner I have ever used on my chemically blonde, chlorine infused hair.  

Another "aha" use for argan oil:  drench your face with it before embarking on your next cross-Atlantic voyage and don't forget to slip on your little booties and color-coordinated (and lubricated) gloves.  Please refer to previous posts.  I think more women should think of air travel as a long-haul spa experience.  If you agree with this proposition, consider bringing your own food unless you're traveling first class.

Apart from the fact argan oil is a three-for-one product, which we all love, many cosmetic companies, like Kiehl's for example buy the oil from fair-trade cooperatives that benefit and empower the women who produce the oil.

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Jenna Marquez said...

I love Moroccan Argan oil! It really keeps my hair healthy and shiny. I have thick, curly hair and I need to style it a lot to get the look I want. I love that it is natural and good for my hair. My absolute fave is this one:

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