Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Paean To The Perfect Pullover

It always starts out simply enough. 

I decide to discuss a riveting subject, in this case the black cashmere sweater. Not too complicated, right?  But then I start to think:  Which one?  How many?  How would I rank them, style-by-style, for a wish list?  And on it goes.  And as anyone who owns as many black sweaters -- of all sorts -- as I do can tell you: It's possible to have an infinite number of different styles and nuances on this pure, simple little "basic".

Let's say for argument's sake, which is the way I pose this proposition to my interlocutors (and myself), you can have but one perfect black cashmere sweater.  What would it be?  More women lean toward the turtleneck. I personally opt for the crew neck and then throw in a 
black cashmere scarf and voila, I have a turtleneck and a cashmere tee.  (It's not for nothing I've spent my life orbiting around the fun-filled world of fashion.)

Moving right along.  In a collection of black cashmere sweaters, before one veers off into the hundreds of variations on the theme, my version of a perfect top five would be, in order, as follows: crew neck; turtleneck; scoop neck (wait until you hear why. . .); simple V-neck; and if your chest can handle it (you know, no spots, wrinkles, crinkles, etc.), a deep V-neck.  (I also think bateau necks can be adorable. . .)

Turtles and crews cohabit as comfortably with jeans as with a ball gown.  The crew with a black pencil skirt morphs instantly into a little-black-dress and in my opinion, even better than the turtle.  Now, here is something very special:  The scoop-neck with that same skirt gives you 
 a knock-out cocktail, chi-chi restaurant LBD.  A belt perhaps?

In all cases one must add the appropriate bright shiny objects, heels, hose and so on.  You know the drill.

The scoop can also function as a U, V-neck if you see what I mean. Just layer a shirt or T-shirt under it you've dressed it down.

That about wraps up this subject before I hop over to my "Ultimate Guide for The Mother-of-the-Bride" blog which I've been neglecting of late.  However I would be remiss if I didn't repeat something you already know, but I feel I can't leave with out repeating:  Always buy the best you can afford, buy less, it will last longer and once again do the math -- number of times worn divided into the price.  And if you already have all or part of above mentioned collection, I recommend: Just keep buying more.


Drea said...

I have one--a turtleneck--and I'm wearing it right now.

Rita said...

Black is my signature color, especially t-shirts and sweaters. I love belts, scarves, jackets, and jewelry, so accessorizing is fun and easy. My black cashmere t-shirt with a slight v-neck is my favorite.

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