Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enough Already

Is it because time stands still (except for menopause Barbie from last weekend of course); is it because she has no cellulite; is it because she has no hips; is it because she never has a bad hair day; is it because she still doesn't need a bra; is it because she never stops smiling? I don't get it. 

So what if some anatomically ridiculous piece of plastic is 50-years-old. Some of us have been there, done that and then some. I'm surprised she hasn't melted from all the candles she's been exposed to during the non-stop birthday celebrations the French have been giving her -- from a little retrospective at the painfully chic Colette boutique, wrapping up this weekend, to a second fete at the Galeries Lafayette department store from April 6 through April 25. (She and I can celebrate my b-day together on the 25th and since she can't open her mouth I'll drink her Champagne as well.)

The April Expo heralded as "Barbie et Ses Accessoires" will include 50 top name designer duds for the doll. Featured in the star-studded line-up are: Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel, Catherine Malandrino, Chantal Thomass, Christian Lacroix, Corinne Cobson, Elie Saab, Georges Rech, Gérard Darel, Giambattista Valli, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Junko Shimada, Léonard, Lesage, Louis Feraud, Marithé & François Girbaud, Martin Margiela and many more.

The sac Babs has on her arm above was designed by Tila March and the "body jewelry" -- definitely an age appropriate ensemble -- comes from Delfina Delettrez.

My absolute hands down favorite get-up is the one Christian Lacroix did for her in 1995 with the scarf, sunglasses, hat et. al. She looks like she's ready to slip out the back door of the clinic after a little work. And she was what, 36 at the time? No wonder she smiles all the time. too much, too soon?

It's nice to know she knits and takes the time to put some serious thought into her accessories before picking up her needles. Isn't it reassuring to discover she's well-rounded? We know she's had hundreds of vocations, but we weren't aware of any endearing avocations. 

The LBD and galactic biker gloves are a Karl Lagerfeld fantasy for her; the hippy-dippy, lotsa color dress is from Léonard -- now there's a number in which she wouldn't have had to worry about middle-age middle spread; and the evening gown (?) is by Corinne Cobson. I'm wondering if she can pull that thing up in the back like the top on a convertible or one of those horse-drawn carriages in Central Park?

I give you my word: This is over and out for Miss Barbie unless I'm still blogging when she celebrates her 60th. . . 

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Marsi said...

Your title says it all: enough already. Why the French are hung up on Barbie is puzzling. They seem to like American kitsch and America in the '50s, so then again, maybe it makes perfect sense.

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