Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ethnic Eté Embellishments

A little bit ethnic, a little bit back to nature; a tad bit happy hands at home vibe -- you know, the usual summer accessory drill. And if one happens to be a little bit clever you can surely rustle up the ingredients to make your own of-the-moment, not to mention one-of-a-kind necklace. 

Except for the lovely, delicate golden feathers by Aurelie Bidermann if you're doing your own thing I suggest big and bold. If you're putting time and effort into hunting, gathering and assembling shells, beads, coral, turquoise, fruits and nuts, whatever you might as well go all the way. 

There's not much point in creating ditsy decoration no one will notice. Failing the arts and crafts route here pictured are a few pay-as-you-go options. 

On the models are creations from Anna Sui in a blissful blue and Sonia Rykiel in what looks like a piece of sculpture, the bright bib of beads that might have been made by a child at camp (but wasn't)  is by Malene Birger and the other two are by Aurore Charlot.


knitpurl said...

love these all; what fun to wear.

tish jett said...

I imagine you can make something fabulous. Keep me au courant if/when you create something amazing.

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