Thursday, April 30, 2009

Up In Arms

I have a friend in New York who, every time we speak on the telephone goes into a rant about Michelle Obama baring her arms. She goes on and on about protocol, what's appropriate and what is utterly inappropriate.  (I'm often tempted to go on and on about a subject I find utterly boring, but I fear it would be a friendship breaker.)

Here follows a petit exposé on the subject. No matter where one stands on this earth-shaking, world changing, potential mores modifying subject you have to admit these are some pretty fabulous looking appendages.

Oh, btw the French describe the three ladies' styles as: Jackie, elegant; Carla, sober (that's after she became France's First Lady obviously) and Michelle, audacious.

Without further comment, you be the judge.


Marsi said...

"Audacious" is a great word for Michelle O's style. I don't always love it, but she is her own person and isn't afraid to let it show. I got such a kick out of seeing her in a pair of the Lanvin tennies you posted a few weeks ago:

Huffington Post's STYLE section is pretty obsessed with the styles of both Michelle O and Mme Sarko. You might keep an eye on it!

Almost forgot: here is one more story I wanted to share with you, viz. Michelle: Kirstie Alley wants her arms.,,20275629,00.html


What makes Jackie Kennedy look so anachronistic despite the timelessness of her individual pieces is, I think, that everything is too perfect: the makeup, the hair, the jewels, the clothes. Every time I see a picture of her, I want to upset that hairdo somehow. She certainly was a product of her time. said...

Loved this merci mille fois.

Yes, Jackie was very 60s, but the clothes still work don't you think?

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