Monday, May 25, 2009

Cannes,Cannes: Can't Get Enough

I had the whole thing worked out: Today was to be the final chapter "The End" of our exposé on how ab-fab we of a certain age can be. 

But it's just too much, there is too much to show and tell. Tomorrow will be en fin, La Fin.  I wouldn't want to deprive you of the gorgeous gowns from the AMFAR benefit where guest of honor Bill Clinton auctioned off his saxophone for 130,000 Euros; Sharon Stone showed us more leg; Annie Lennox wore weird, black opera-length gloves with a pale blue dress; Donatella Versace, what can I say (?) showed-up; and many more titillating, scintillating moments you won't want to miss.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, though born in 1971, is included because she won the best actress Palm for her star turn opposite Willem Dafoe in Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist." Therefore I assumed you would like to see her. Charlotte, as you may know is the daughter of the late Serge -- who was anti a lot of things -- and Jane Birkin, both of whom she thanked, along with her partner Yvan Attal (with whom she has two children) during her acceptance speech. One last note now that I've given you enough material to do a thesis on Ms. Gainsbourg, the film was booed and condemned by many at the Festival and by some critics. The director and all actors involved were ecstatic by the reaction. It is from what little I've seen shocking and "cru" (raw) as some of the observers said, both psychologically and sexually. Is it a disturbing masterpiece? I have no idea.

Now back to us, because it is all about us, from the top: Carine Roitfeld, editor of French "Vogue"; Robin, Isabelle (and Asia Argento, who doesn't count because she's too young, but I couldn't crop her out of the picture); Robin; Sandrine Bonnaire who was once with William Hurt with whom she had a daughter, Jeanne (I wouldn't want you to think any tidbit of trivia passes unobserved and unremarked upon out here in the field); Isabelle Adjani (ahem. . .); Anne Parillaud; Michelle Yeoh looking a tad tuckered out, but you'll see tomorrow she got a good night's sleep and once again looks radiant so not to worry; Sandrine again and Fanny Ardant whom I love, love, love. I think she has the most seductive, sonorous voice I've ever heard. And of course she's beautiful. (If I could make one teeny remark, I'm not sure I'm loving her reddish hair. But if she's happy, I'm happy.)

Fanny was honored at the 62nd Festival de Cannes. And well she should have been.


Bonjour Madame said...

Isabelle Adjani...what the??? I'm hoping that is just a bad photo or bad choice of dress. The other Isabelle is quickly becoming my new style icon. I like how she dresses. I also love Fanny Ardant. She is so classic and seductive.

tish jett said...

No, chere Stephanie, that is the way Adjani looks today. In the French gossip mill: the two Isabelles, your new idol and the puffy one, had a little contretemps and at the last minute Adjani refused to award and award.

She is an ad for something-or-other, maybe bags from Dior (?) not sure, can't put my hands on one for the moment, but you'll see the state of affairs complete with serious re-touching. Maybe it's not in American magazines. I'll look for it.

Both have reputations for being "complicated"-- particularly Adjani.

I'm coming over to see you in a little while.

knitpurl said...

Tish, you're the best, thanks for the thoughts a few posts back. Looking at today's, all I can write is what a ridiculous number of luggage pieces one must take to Cannes to be able to appear in different frocks for each photograph.

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