Monday, May 11, 2009

This Is Not A Vendetta

Of course I can't blame you for thinking this COULD be a vendetta, but I assure you it is not. Let's just say I'm on a mission.

I shall explain. Pretend you can't see the name of the actress on this weekend's cover of "Figaro Madame" magazine. I promise you, even if you knew who she is, it's impossible to know who she is. Although born in 1953, and I might add covered with freckles, you can see what's happened to her face in the hands of the art department. No matter. We've all decided we understand this.

Here's what I don't understand: You know how the last three issues of "Femmes" that mag purportedly for us that for the last three months has had covers with women well under 40? Its editor was the former editor of Figaro Madame. Bizarre, non? You may also recall in my last diatribe on the subject (May 1) I suggested since the interior of Femmes featured an article on Isabelle Huppert it seemed to make sense to put her on the cover. 

How come these people don't have me on speed dial. . .? 

Moving along, lest I bore you with this crusade. Hot off the presses: I've noticed in all the recent French magazines the newest beauty touch is mascara on the lower lashes. In the past we've been advised to keep it only on the uppers. It's a light touch, but I must say it looks fresh and pretty to have both levels covered.

Apropos of Photoshop combined with pre and post-op visages, note the "honesty is the best policy" or the "don't I have an outrageous sense of humor (?)" makeup bag that's catching on here. We LOVE stuff in English. . .


Marsi said...

Bummer about IH's freckles being airbrushed into oblivion. She doesn't look like herself at all, and freckles can be so charming.

Have you seen Charla Krupp's book, "How Not to Look Old"? If so, thoughts?

When it first came out, I thought it was pretty insulting. But that was before I actually read it. It just came out in paperback and the price was so good at Costco that I bought it. I've read several chapters and found that it's not insulting at all, but rather very good and practical advice, for the most part. I have to say, I think I am looking better and "fresher" for reading it.

Marsi said...

P.S. I took a break from mascara on the lower lashes, but just went back to it again last week. Just a very light coat.

tish jett said...

I know. I guess if pictures are re-touched to that point there is no saving the freckles. You'd think with all our high-tech stuff they could put them back in after they've taken everything else out.

No, haven't read her book only excerpts and bits here and there. Should I? I have friends who tell me there's nothing new there, but you seem to think there is. If so I'll find a copy.

Do you like "just a very light coat" on your lashes? I think it looks rather nice.

Marsi said...

Yes, I am liking a light coat of mascara on the bottom lashes, especially using a teeny tiny brush so it doesn't make a mess. I use (and love) Cover Girl LashBlast on the top lashes and use Clinique Las Power Mascara on the bottom (with its super-tiny, skinny brush and very thin formula). I dunno, it makes me feel and look a little more polished than going without it on the bottom lashes.

There isn't a whole lot in Charla's book that's new or unfamiliar, true, but for some reason, it just got through to me in ways that nothing else has. Maybe it's about the TIMING of it, because lately I've been feeling like I look a little less young than I did even a few months ago, so I was more receptive to trying something different. I've tried a number of the makeup products she recommended and really do like them. It may truly be time at last for me to give up dark fingernail polish and kohl on my waterlines, because when I went lighter on hands and eyes, I realized I looked better and younger.

It's pretty funny to read some of the reviews of the book on Amazon though. Some people found the concept of the book so offensive. Geez, you'd think Charla performed the dark mass at midnight with kidnapped newborns, instead of wrote a book about how to look good!

tish jett said...


My feeling is anything we can get anywhere that makes us look and feel better -- good for us.

I think you're right about the nail polish, but maybe the kohl is really you. Then again, only you know what works for you and makes you happy.

You are such a fabulous fashion mavin and so much fun to read.

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