Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fancy, Flashy Flower Splurges

Flitting about in a floaty, romantic Liberty floral print is one thing. Flashing about in sparkling floral jewels is quite another. Talk about romance. . . 

As promised, another way to buy into (and this time we're talking Major Investment as in re-mortgage the house investment).  

Never mind, this is eye-candy and trust me: If you wish to find flowers in any of their myriad manifestations they're out there at every price point.  

I've even delved deep into the far corners of my fashion brain to come up with a way we could wear the real thing -- as in plucked from the garden or purchased chez la fleuriste. But this is tricky.  No way, no circumstances, no compromise could ever -- ever -- let us be seen in public or in private for that matter wearing a corsage. OK, that's settled. This is the only situation I can possibly see an opportunity for us: In the hair. No, not tucked behind an ear for heaven's sake unless you're invited to a themed event, but on a low-slung ponytail for example. 

If you have any other appropriate -- operative word -- for flora body decoration ideas by all means don't be shy. Share.

From the top: Dior, complete with a butterfly; Vera Wang, works for brides of every age; crazy pivoine (peony, my favorite flower) ring from Van Cleef & Arpels (yet, not that crazy it's full of white, pink and yellow diamonds); sapphire and diamond earrings from Bulgari; a Chanel camellia (don't forget you can always find one in silk); earrings and a ring from the Cartier Orchidees Collection; another twist on the Chanel camellia; from Penny Preville, diamonds from another era; a simple, abstract, affordable silver flower from Tiffany and teensy ruby daisies by Ben Bridge.


Angelika said...

Right, now I am starting to dream! How beautiful is these accessories??!!!!

Marsi said...

How gorgeous. That VCA ring is so unusual; I would love to see it on a hand (preferably mine). Also love the beautiful orchids by Cartier; again, unusual. Can't ever go wrong with a Chanel camellia.

My husband has cousins who live in Paris; Jeanne was part of the French Resistance as a girl in Marseille. After the war, she met and married Georges, who is a retired jewel-setter for Cartier and Van Cleef. We met them on a visit to Paris four years ago, and I always think of them fondly when I see gorgeous, high-end jewels such as these.

knitpurl said...


tish jett said...


Thank you, thank you. Tried to click on your name, but the message said your blog profile was private.

Yes, let's dream. . .

tish jett said...

Hi Marsi,

I'll be the VCA ring would catch on things and you'd spend your life replacing, pink, yellow and white diamonds.

I KNEW you had some sort of French connection and what an extraordinary one at that.

My jeweler in the small town where we do our shopping often does work for Cartier and others on the Place Vendome (I didn't think I needed to add to the chorus on Stephanie's blog yesterday) when they are overloaded with work. He's genius and has done gorgeous things for me. I've mentioned him a couple of times in posts.

Has your husband's cousin ever done anything for you?

tish jett said...


Yes we will.

And yes, aren't they beautiful?

tish jett said...


Thank you, thank you. Tried to click on your name, but the message said your blog profile was private.

Yes, let's dream. . .

tish jett said...

Angelika, I am so sorry I misspelled your name in the first "comment". It's corrected in this one and one above.

I worked for an editor early on in my career who had a name spelling rule: Once you spell a name wrong, you get a warning; twice you start looking for a new job. He always said that if a journalist can't even check for the correct spelling of a name, they don't deserve to keep their jobs. Obviously I never forgot that.

Marsi said...

No, he has not, Tish. Georges is in his late 80s now, as is Jeanne. Jeanne has gorgeous jewelry, as you can imagine.

As for the family history, Jeanne showed us her enormous collection of photo albums, which she'd put together over her life. She was literally the only one of her generation on one side of the family who wasn't deported and killed in the Holocaust. It was so incredible (and incredibly moving) to page through these books of these wonderful, gorgeous young men and women -- so stylish in the 20s and 30s in Paris and Deauville -- and see Jeanne's handwriting near their images, "Deportee ... Deportee ... Deportee ...." and know the terrible losses she'd survived.

My husband's grandmother on the other side of Jeanne's family -- the side that left France before Hitler -- was a singer and dancer in vaudeville, which is where she met her husband (my husband's grandfather). She and her sister left Illinois when they were 14 and 16, taking their song-and-dance routine (The Tiffany Twins) on the road -- and how. Before they were 21, they'd performed in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Hollywood. According to family lore, Grandma performed in Berlin when Hitler, prior to his rise to power, was sitting in the audience. Very colorful stuff.

My family is not so colorful. Frosty Northern Europeans!

Bonjour Madame said...

Oh so pretty. I like all of them. But the 2nd photo caught my eye and kept it there for a while.

Thank you so much for your kind comments today. It meant a lot to hear from someone who made that leap before!


tish jett said...

Oh, Marsi,

What an incredible bitter-sweet story.

How tragic to see deportee written over and over in her hand.

Vaudeville(!) how exciting. You did indeed marry into a colorful family.

I suspect you're more than fascinating yourself.

Thank you for sharing.


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