Monday, June 8, 2009

A Few Juicy Weekend "Leftovers"

Whew, what a weekend: The Roland Garros men's final (did you see Mirka Federer's diamond studs and what about that ring!); D-Day dress-up and the release of a film by one of our neighbors I think many of you will appreciate. 

A petite observation before moving along. As your correspondent for the things that truly matter in this life, I noticed by the semi-finals Mirka no longer wore her rings. When the camera zoomed in for reactions to her husband's game, both hands were bare. She continued to wear the earrings however.

Now that it's Monday I can get on with the frivolous and fanciful for which we live and breathe.

Charlotte Gainsbourg was in the stands at the tournament biting her cuticles; Bill Gates was there and I think I spotted Isabelle Adjani, oh yes -- an aside: She has a contract with Lancel. In the ads she is strategically hidden behind huge purses.

Last week we touched on transparency in fashion and lo-and-behold to my great surprise, apparently Tom Hanks and spectators at Roland Garros are reading this blog. Hanks, guarded like a head of state at the D-Day commemoration, was wearing transparent frame sunglasses and the tennis crowd opened hundreds of transparent umbrellas in the stands as the players continued the match under the rain. It gave a great aerial shot.

Also, and we've discussed this trend, during the two weeks of play there were untold numbers of men and women sporting Panama hats. 

As you may already know, on June 6th Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was wearing a white satin Dior dress and Michelle Obama covered the fashion map: dress, Michael Kors; Narcisco Rodriguez coat, Givenchy belt and Jimmy Choo shoes.  

Fashion note for those afraid of belts, which neither of these women is: Notice how Mrs. O wears hers slightly empire. She is slim, but curvy and her belt placement is a great trick. (I thought they both looked divine, but had I been Michelle's stylist -- that will be the day. . . I would have suggested: Belt the dress, not the coat over the dress. Entirely too much fabric to buckle up even when one is slender. And as we all are aware, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but at the same time it equals an additional 10ish pounds. Whatever I can do to help the cause. I'm ready and willing.

Saturday night the Obama family "and some friends" dined at Le Fontaine de Mars, 129 rue St. Dominique in the Seventh (in case you want to go there next time you're in town). It was reported no wine was consumed and the bill came to about 250 Euros.  

Sunday as the president flew home, she and the girls went shopping and stopped in at Bonpoint, the French children's store that makes you want to buy things for a child even if don't like children or haven't had contact with anyone under 10 in the last 20 years.  It was reported they were not just browsing.

On Friday, "Home" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, was released. If you would like to see it, go to: and for more information on the project, (The last picture above is a shot from the film.)

You cannot imagine how busy I can be just sitting around eating cherries and absorbing information. 

(The picture of the first ladies is by Yves Forestier/Getty Images.)


Marsi said...

Sounds like a busy weekend of absorbing and observing! What did I do? Let's see, I baked, I knitted, I ran errands, I exercised, and I watched "The Beales of Grey Gardens." (I wonder what Little Edie would've said about her mother in your Mother's Day interviews, Tish.) Last night, I made a mask of French green clay and apple cider vinegar and packed it on my face for an hour. It is The. Best. Mask. Ever.

I agree about Michelle and the belt. I still haven't heard My Boo's D-Day speech but did listen to his speech in Egypt while working last week. Now that was incredible. So nice to have a president who can speak in full sentences again.

tish jett said...

Yes, absorbing and observing. Wish I'd thought of that, you may have already realized how much I love alliteration.

Please share your mask recipe, as in quantities of ingredients, plus details about where you get your clay , how you rinse it off and most important what you look like immediately after.

We definitely have to get a message to Michelle.

Obama has such physical grace and elegance, he looks like he was born to be a statesman.

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