Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rationing and Rationalization

What do French women love almost as much as their size 38 bodies and all the clothes they can wear as a consequence? 

Chocolate of course.

They usually measure their rations by squares. One or two max. Swooning with every nibble. No French woman of any age ever tucks into an entire candy bar. If a child starts to get over enthusiastic with her chocolat a reprimanding hand is ever at the ready to take it away. 

An enfant is never too young to learn one does not graze her way through life. Hand-mouth discipline starts before she can toddle over to help herself to a fistful of bonbons. That's why, by the time she reaches a certain age, moderation is a reflex not a deprivation.

This love affair with chocolate probably explains all the excitement in Paris about the graph bar created by the French group Designers 5.5 for the Barcelona based chocolatier Chocolate Factory. Below each bar on the graph you are informed about the number of calories you will be consuming. They run from a modest 34 calories to an over-the-top 272 calories. 

I've never been gifted in the math department -- although I'm sure many of you are and can perhaps explain this to me because I couldn't find the answer on my own -- which made me wonder: If you eat the whole thing does that equal 272 calories or do you add up all the bits and end up with an astronomical 1224 calories? (I just did the numbers on my calculator in case you're wondering.) 

In the meantime I continue to sniff my zero calorie chocolate stamps and search for the 3ish calorie Le Whif. (Please see June 10th and May 6th posts respectively if you don't know what in the world I'm talking about. Merci.)


knitpurl said...

Gee, I hope it's 272 for the whole thing. I'm working my way through a Ghirardelli "Intense" dark chocolate bar, square by 70 calorie square. Each day it is a nice treat.

Natalie said...

I _ LOVE _ THIS! Why didn't I think of this packaging!?

I'm surprised your lovely daughter hasn't found a way to invent and produce a dispenser that keeps the cocoa prize in a climate-controlled environment and dispenses according to her pulse rate / hunger for chocolate

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