Monday, June 29, 2009

White On White, On White, On White, Etc.

When we decide to decorate our warm weather wear with summer jewelry we tend to turn toward the natural, the unfussy, i.e. shells, coral, turquoise, even wood. Why is it we rarely think of piling on pearls when the temperatures soar? What's more natural than pearls? And what looks more real than pearls that aren't? And who taught us that masses of faux pearls are the ultimate in chic? Bien sûr: Coco Chanel.

My take on this, completely arbitrary, but nonetheless not without merit I believe is: Choose above mentioned naturals for day and in the evening switch to pearls -- and lots of them.

Next point, wear them with white. No matter what color your skin, nothing is more feminine, fresh and flattering than white and pearls in the summer. If you have the real deal, good for you. If not, run out to Target or its equivalent and grab a handful, the longer the better for multi-strand creation. And remember more is the operative impulse -- more, more, more.

Don't be prejudiced or prissy about how you wear them. They look equally stunning with a simple "marcel" (tank top) from Landsend or Eddie Bauer or any other pristine white T-shirt, with the exception of any short-sleeved styles. Think bateau, scoop, V necks. You're a grown-up now. If you have the good fortune to find a white summer dress, lucky you and remember a classic linen blazer with a white camisole or marcel plus pearls equals a night on the town -- just add sandals to your already pedicured toes. 

Important note: As mentioned above, no short-sleeves with pearls, the one exception -- depending upon your personality -- is a polo with that single strand of cultured pearls you received on your sixteenth or eighteenth birthday. Maybe for luncheon at the Country Club? (Curious how that concept doesn't really exist in France -- country clubs, I mean, because for the truly traditional, polos and that single strand definitely does.)

From the top: Mother/daughter white from Comptoir des Contonniers (if you want to see one of the strangest, most creative sites -- there is wonderful music so be careful -- click above); a maillot de bain from Celine, my thinking -- it stays tucked in, it holds you in and if the evening turns out better than expected you can throw yourself into the pool; pearls; a flitty, flirty blouse By Zoe; Mamie Gummer (you know, Meryl Streep's daughter who took over the Darel contract after Charlotte Gainsbourg) in a floaty, cotton gypsy voile number; pearls; two looks from Akris -- don't panic about the second one, put a white three-quarter or long-sleeve T-shirt underneath and push up the sleeves, then add pearls; more pearls; Laura Clement for La Redoute, buttonless jacket -- dump the gray, add white shirt or tee; extra- special asymmetrical linen blouse by Claudie Pierlot and a perfect break-apart, wear-together, wear-forever suit by Diane Von Furstenberg (subtract flowers, add pearls).


Marsi said...

When I wear white, I look like someone jammed a spigot into my carotid artery and opened up the tap. :o(

However, pearls work!

knitpurl said...

Pearls are lovely on us all; not too sure about white, but then it could work maybe, perhaps, who knows...we need to try.

Will you purchase the brooch a few posts back, Tish? Also, what was the name of the French equivalent of the U.S. Target stores?
Thanks, C.

tish jett said...


Auto-bronzage, auto-bronzage. I'll get back to you on the one I use on my legs which even for someone as maladroit as I am in that department, it always works. No liquids, creams, lotions, no spills, no ruined towels just a little towelette and presto.

You are very funny. Your mental visuals are hilarious.

tish jett said...


Just the white on top. No need to go overboard. I wouldn't -- at least not this year, maybe last year. . .

The store is Monoprix. It is wonderful, inexpensive and you-know-who will find great stuff she will never see in the States.

I just sent a box of Monoprix goodies off to my daughter.

My pleasure, toujours.

Bonjour Madame said...

White always looks so crisp and clean. I love the idea of pearls with white. I got a very long strand of faux pearls from Kenneth Jay Lane recently and I really love them. I layer them with a stationed pearl necklace I got from J. Crew and voila, instant chic! And you should really get that pin in your prior post. He makes really high quality baubles.

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