Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Here, There, Everywhere Day

It's time to tie-up loose ends, sweep up all the one-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-other odds and bits while strictly adhering to our raison d'etre: Staying on top of what's new, necessary and at times of no consequence, but interesting nonetheless. 

Apropos of  yesterday's post on Edith's skirt, while flipping through old magazines in the middle of the night I stumbled upon this terrific top, complete with its own built-in cummerbund or whatever one might like to make of it. Note fuchsia polka dots. That makes at least 31 outfits.

If you're bored with your navy blue marinière, since you've been wearing it for months now, this may be the moment to add the red and white striped version to your wardrobe. Accessorize with turquoise and coral beads and off you go. (Just coral if you prefer, either way is perfect.)

The cuff from Monday's Top 10 Summer Must Haves (re-pictured here) is from Helles.

From the top: picque a cheveux from Hermes, this is for those irrational moments when you prefer to make a status statement rather than a practical gesture by using a pencil or a chop stick for the same purpose; the bustier I found for Edith's fuchsia skirt from Dimension; a twist on the sailor t-shirt theme from Amor Lux; hmmmm, looks like another pair of creoles to wear with your new marinière -- just add red beads or something to the ones you bought a few months ago; coral and turquoise necklace from Harpo; coral "mousse" beads (they look like old gum balls) from Proidee; and the famous "Marcel" available everywhere. Personally I prefer the ones with ribbing. 


Anonymous said...

Hellooo! today I posted a comment on your entry for yesterday! I'm still fascinated by the everyday skirt!

tishjett said...

Hellooo! to you too. Yes, I saw your comment. Please go back to it and I'll comment on your comment.


Marsi said...

Wow, I'm really crushing on that gorgeous bustier.

It is at least a thousand times chicer to call those sleeveless shirts a "marcel" rather than a "tank," and a billion times better than a "wifebeater." Do you know what the term "marcel" is derived from, Tish?

tishjett said...


I covet that bustier. Isn't it gorgeous. But then we'd have to go over to Edith's and steal her skirt.

Actually all we need is a nice pair of navy silk pants or a skirt. Et voila.

I have no idea who Monsieur Marcel is. I'll try a google just for fun.

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