Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Today is La Fête Nationale, America's Fourth of July if you will, but I'm not here to talk about the horses, dogs, planes, heads-of-state, Légionnaires and the entire panoply of soldiers, firemen and police who paraded down the Champs-Elysées this morning. That is not my purview.

No, I'm here to talk about creoles (!). That's the BIG news coming out of our area of interest -- the "soft," feature news as we call it.

Carla Bruni Sarkozy, France's first lady and Rachida Dati, former justice minister, current major of the Seventh Arrondissement in Paris and newly elected European deputy, were both wearing them today. Carla's were medium-sized and Rachida's quit large. 

(For reference, pictures of the two beauties -- both in their 40s -- wearing their creoles on other occasions.)

As I write this, both are charming guests at the annual Juillet 14 garden party in the jardins of the Elysées Palace. Speaking of charming, the French don't say "Fete de Jardin" they say, "garden party."

Moving along: I've also included two over-the-top possibilities which I would avoid wearing even if someone gave them to you (or me) as a gift. They appear to be large enough to make us look like fools, but could be useful as bracelets, which would show one's appreciation and simultaneously one's good sense.

Creoles will be continuing through the end of the year as a branché ("in," "trendy") accessory and as we all know they're never out of fashion so we're talking MAJOR investment no matter how much or how little you spent on yours. 

(I read, I can't remember where, some fashion person or other remarked they're the perfect adornment for these economic times because they're an empty circle. Hello? One could have an empty circle encrusted with precious stones. . . What is wrong with these people?) 

Above, from the spring/summer 2009 collections of Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney.

P.S: When you get really, really bored to tears with this subject, by all means drop me a little note and let me know. I shall then try to control myself.


Marsi said...

Rachida Dati is gorgeous; never heard of her before. I love that slight olive tint to the complexion that so many French women have (and I don't).

I've worn my 2" gold creoles every day since I bought them back in April or May. Plus, as you said, they're classic and never go out of style. Ergo, I will not tire of your creole posts.

I forgot to thank you for the update on summer colors last week. So, thank you. I was so relieved that you didn't say YELLOW, as I'd feared. I wonder what color'll be big for fall, which I am officially thinking of now that it's mid-July. And just as importantly, what EARRINGS will be big for fall?

Lorrie said...

I'm a relative newcomer to your blog and I'm so happy to have found it. I've embraced parts of the French lifestyle to my own here in Western Canada and love the topics you present.

Happy Bastille Day!


tishjett said...

Yes, Marsi, isn't she beautiful? She is I think 44 and had a baby less than a year ago. She refused to divulge the name of the father which of course is a major topic of Paris dinner party speculation.

She has the most gorgeous smile. When she walked out of the hospital with her baby girl she was wear three + inch heels.

Even if I saw yellow, I promise I wouldn't have mentioned it. Who can wear yellow??

So glad you're still with me with the creoles. Wearing them every day? Good girl. Moi aussi.

tishjett said...

Hello Lorrie,

I'm happy you found me as well. I love Canada. Having been born in Niagara Falls, NY, I spent a great deal of my growing-up life on the much, much, much prettier Canadian side.

I flipped over to your blog, but I don't know where to begin. How many do you have? Help!

It's so funny you say "Happy Bastille Day" because this morning I said to my husband do I say "Happy Fete de Bastille or what?" He said "no, no don't say Bastille Day we try to avoid the subject, just say 'Fete Nationale'" -- so I did. Too funny.

Tee said...

Think I'll polish up the sterling hoops my guys gave me for Mother's Day over ten years ago. I haven't worn them in ages.

Why are they called creoles? It took me a minute to figure out what you were referring to.

p.s. Yes, I do love Nell Hill's! I'm not at all surprised that Mary Carol's sister is your friend. If she's as stylish as you and MC, that makes perfect sense.

tishjett said...

Yes, Tee, get them out instantly. You've already missed several months. You should probably sleep in them to catch-up.

Went all over the Net to look-up the reason for the name creoles and was overwhelmed. There was lots of info about Guadeloupe and Martinique, Africans, Europeans, the meaning of the shape. Bottom line: I don't know exactly, but that's what the French call them and I think it sounds so much prettier than "hoop earrings."

Thank you. That is very kind of you to say that last part.

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