Friday, August 28, 2009

You Couldn't Even Re-Gift This Stuff

We're in a recession, right? We're all searching for ways -- on all fronts -- to economize and make the most out of every endeavor and purchase we plan to make this year. 

You're with me? All true so far? 

Since I'm sitting alone in front of my computer popping unsalted sunflowers seeds into my mouth -- given to me by Edith who says they're good for me and as I previously mentioned she is an obsessive/compulsive health nut -- I'm assuming you're nodding your head in agreement.

Moving along. . . One cannot but ask the question: What were they sipping, sniffing or shooting when they designed their fall winter collections?

As a long, long time participant in the ready-to-wear side-shows I know designers have to do outrageous things in order to be photographed, buzzed about, and so on. And rarely if ever do their circus creations move from the run way to retail, but somehow this year seems to call for the teeniest touch of restraint. The few get-ups pictured here, and trust me there are lots more where they came from, most women wouldn't wear when taking out the garbage in the middle of a moonless night.

Yes, of course there were hundreds and hundreds of wearable, desirable clothes out there and we'll be talking about them in great, long detail, but in the meantime, a smattering of entertainment to start your weekend and end the summer (sniff, sniff) and to be fair, maybe that's what they had in mind: Light-hearted relief in troubled times.

Whatever you do don't let your children or your grandchildren see the decapitated Kermit headband and the jacket featuring the bodies of the rest of his family murdered by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Featured above: An "oh, no where-do-I-look-first" ensemble from Moschino Cheap & Chic; Comme des Garçons about which I have nothing to say; yes, yes, you're right it IS Pamela Anderson modeling a new-age angel whatever for Vivienne Westwood; two creations from Alexander McQueen, please take a second to examine the pattern on the dress with the head-gear, it's snakes, snakes, snakes (!), the second is pictured primarily to give you your first make-up tip of the season, i.e. if you take your lipstick and go waaaaay outside the lip line it's A LOT cheaper than Botox; and two more dead, but this time be-jeweled creatures (dogs, maybe?) from Veronique Leroy.


Marsi said...

I like trompe l'oeil (such as Schiaparelli's bow sweater), and the CDG could have potential but flops. The shape is awful. My son's a hardcore snowboarder, and one of the outerwear companies showed a powder jacket along those lines but soooo much better looking and ironic. Wish I could remember exactly where I'd seen it so I could paste a link.

Anyway. That Kermit thing is awful. JCdeC has a stuffed animal fetish, no? Didn't he made a teddy bear jacket in the early '90s, too? He must've had a really great childhood ... that he is still stuck in.

I can't figure out those Veronique Leroy things. Are they jewelry? Soft sculpture? Shiny little aliens sent here to dry-hump Planet Earth into submission? I'm confused.

Bonjour Madame said...

WHAT THE HELL?? The one that gets me is the man knee length socks with the tutu gone awry. But they are all equally puzzling. I had fun laughing at them though and you provided much needed humor to my day!


knitpurl said...

I'm for Alex McQ and the stripes and dark lipstick out to there - not. Oh boy, these were funny.

Marsi, thanks for the Ravelry suggestion, never thought of it. There's also for all kinds of undiscovered artist made items.

pasunejeunefille said...


I just want to know if any of your French girlfriends would wear any of this stuff? said...

Dear Pasunjeunefille,

Non, non et non. (Or if they would I don't want to know about it.)

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