Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cross Dressing (Again)

Strictly speaking this IS an interview, although not the one I had planned for today.

(*If you're at all interested in an explanation, please slip down to the matching asterisk. If you don't care one whit, which I perfectly understand, save yourself some precious time and ignore the whole thing.)

As I was saying, the interview. . . 

It's with Cristel, a great friend who owns a stunning and stunningly hip men's store three boutiques down from Babette. The interior of Cristel's shop is gray and white with mammoth, plop-down-comfy leather chairs and old, crackly oil paintings on the walls and propped up on shelves. 

In my ceaseless quest to keep one and all entertained I asked her to choose five items from her boutique women could/would and do wear.

She chose only things she would wear because she often adds menswear to her mini-skirts, opaque tights and thigh-high boots. (If you saw Cristel -- which you never will since she won't let me photograph her -- you'd understand why her business is doing so well.)

Below is what she chose: Two wool/cashmere scarves; a big, charcoal gray, collared V-neck; a tissue paper thin cotton T-shirt, banded in a heavier cotton around the neck and backing the buttons (this one I want, it also comes in a pale, pale gray); a thick, nubby crew neck and above a classic pale blue shirt with a dandy pin-striped vest.

Ed. Note: See that hedline? I wrote about boyfriend sweaters several months ago with the same title and got more random "visits" than I've ever had in one day. Thought I'd try it again to see what happens.

(* The original interview was to be with Dr. Sandrine Sebban, considered a genius with fillers, Botox, lasers, magic creams, etc. -- all the "light" interventions not involving sharp, knife-like instruments. However, writing that today would have involved transcribing three mini-tapes, which I was more than willing to do until I opened the drawer in the kitchen -- filled with bright, shiny sharp objects btw -- to take out my favorite little silver fork for my kiwi. Instead of stopping at a certain point when one opens a drawer, this one just kept coming out and the drawer plus all the above mentioned pointy utensils fell on me and the floor. 

I was not hurt, but annoyed would be an understatement because since the mishap we've been on the road looking for the runner thingies that keep drawers from falling onto the floor when you open them.  We did not find them. It seems they will have to be custom-made, sort of like haute couture, only different. So that's been my day; and that's the story.)


Deja Pseu said...

I love menswear looks mixed with more feminine pieces. I would so wear that first sweater!!

Marsi said...

Love those scarves and the shawl-collared sweater the most. Of course, it's also rainy and threatening to snow here on this first day of fall, so perhaps I am just really cold!

No really, I love them. Masculine elements are a great addition to a woman's wardrobe -- as long as we're not talking about football jerseys, baseball caps, and sweatpants! (And especially not all together, which, unfortunately, we see a lot of stateside.)

Glad to hear you survived your mishap without injury. It could've been really painful.

Bonjour Madame said...

I relate to the drawer story. I've got a busted kitchen drawer that has flown out on more than one occasion. I'm careful to put kitchen towels in that one from now on.

Love the clothes and especially the scarves.

Lisa said...

What a great post. I would wear all of those! Just bought a Phillip 3.1 vest and love to wear it with skirts and pants. It's fun to mix up masculine/feminine.

tishjett@yahoo.com said...

D.P., I know, I think we look fab in menswear.

Marsi, I love, love, love snow and we rarely have any here, but September is a little early for me. We're still having our Indian Summer.

I forgot the best part of my story yesterday. On our search for the runner thingies for the famous drawer, I passed a truck carrying gravel and a tiny piece flew out and hit my windshield. Five minutes later a huge crack crawled from my side of the care all the way to the passenger side. It was truly a great day.

Stephanie, You must still be careful with the drawer itself, or jump back and just let the towels fall on you.

Hmmmm. Lisa, a Phillip 3.1 vest sounds verrrry chic.

tishjett@yahoo.com said...

That's "car" as in automobile as opposed to "care" in my too quick key movements.

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