Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Cherie: Thinking About a Theme. . .

This is one of those "surprise!!" Fridays.

They're as much of a surprise to me as they are to you. I just collect, collect, collect whatever catches my fancy and then throw it all together. In the past I've explained this as a potpourri, stream-of-consciousness, whatever -- you get the picture, very abstract. (Speaking of art, do you have any idea how long it took me to write "surprise" like that?)

Now I'm thinking, I could hold these disjointed bits together in a sort of column format, i.e. lots of free advice -- my stock and trade (sorry, I tried to think of something clever, but this cliche is the only phrase that popped to mind) -- and you can take what you want; reject the rest. You probably do that anyway, I just don't want to think about it.

Et voila, the debut of a new feature. . .

Dear Cherie (that's me):

Q: Do you have any ideas for spending absolutely nothing while still saying to the world, "I'm looking very fall/winter 2009/2010 this year?"

A: I'm so glad you asked. I do indeed. A very big trend, well moderately big, is putting your XXL beads over your scarf. Please note sketch by Edith.

Q: All I see is hardware on everything: shoes, jackets, dresses, gloves. . . I don't know what to do, I don't really like it, but I want a little bit of the action. What do you suggest, Cherie?

A: I agree with you completely. A few nails and studs go a long way. I did see a pair of Repetto ballerinas with a zipper affair at the toe. They could be an option? The au courant detail might rip your very expensive Wolford tights when you cross your legs so be careful. Fashion can be terribly challenging sometimes.

Q: I've always loved gloves. I think they're so ladylike and chic. Do you have any ideas on the subject?

A: Of course I do. In fact I have two splendid suggestions. A pair of long, luxe red ones -- long because, in my opinion, there is nothing worse (OK, slight exaggeration) than seeing wrists peeking out between coat sleeve and glove hem. One of our missions in life is to always maintain unbroken lines when dressing.  Bonus point: Red is huge now. We'll be talking more about it in the very near future.

The other is a little find about which I am so excited I can hardly sit still as I type you about it: Silver leather gloves with a built in change purse from Maison Fabre. Talk about handy. . .

Q: What do you think about all the leopard, cheetah, etc. spots everywhere, on everything.

A: I was hoping someone would ask me this question. Personally I'm sick, sick, sick of them, but as one immersed in the fun-filled world of fashion I have certain obligations and I fear this is one of them. In my possession I have a scarf, a belt and a pair of ballerinas. I will dutifully wear them this season. 

However, pay attention now please, I do not recommend at this point in the trend for anyone to go out and spend large amounts of disposable income on something feline. Let me explain: A movement like this now moving into its third and fourth season -- you will remember we saw it in spring and summer -- will be embarrassingly over next spring. I'm just saying. . .

Q: Have you ever seen anything absolutely adorable a French child would wear that most likely children in other parts of the world over the age of four -- and no longer under the influence of their stylish mothers -- would never accept?

A: Why yes I have. Funny you should ask. The other day, walking by the French children's store, Jacadi, I saw the sweetest little felt cloche in the window and thought to myself: I'll bet that only goes up to size six, then I remembered I was in France and realized a petite fille would probably adore it.

Please send all your questions to "Dear Cherie" in the comments section of your choice -- but nothing too complicated, I beg of you -- and she'll get back to you every Friday. 

If not, that's fine too. Cherie is an only child and knows how to play by herself.

Merci par avance. Cx


Deja Pseu said...

What a fun post! As someone who's loved (and worn) leopard prints since my 20's, I'm almost hating that it's so trendy now; it's no longer "my" thing. And yes, there is the overkill factor. But as you say, the trend will pass and then I will have it all to myself again.

Ooh, I want to play! Dear Cherie, where do "petite" (translation: very short, not necessarily mince) women shop in Paris?

Marsi said...

Cherie, this is so much fun! This may be your most amusing post yet; I grinned through the whole thing. I loved it!

On your advice, I will strike "leopard pashmina" from my "Want List" that I keep in the Moleskine in my handbag. I had wanted just a touch of leopard, but boy, when you put it in such (literally) colorful terms, I must resist. However, I had a pair of leopard-print ponyskin ballet flats that I wore to death and had to throw out last year. I still intend to replace them because to my eye, there is something adorable about leopard ballerines.

Dear Cherie, I don't have big, big beads to wear over my scarves. I have big, big branch coral; I have many, many pearls; I have this scrumptious bit of yumminess ( Are any of them acceptable substitutes?

knitpurl said...

Dear Cherie,
How nice for us to hear from you. Loved the petite cloche. Are fedora's acceptable this Fall and Winter? And if you recommend zippers on geppetos, does that mean metal on my Cole Haans?
Looking forward to your reply next week!

Bonjour Madame said...

I think I can check two of these off my list. I just got a lovely blood red bead necklace that will look smashing over a scarf. I will definitely try this. I'm happy to see red anywhere, it is my favorite color.

Dear Cherie.... Is there a way to enter Gabrielle Geppert's vintage store at the Palais Royal without looking totally out of place and foolish? I felt like there was some code I was not aware of or a secret handshake I should know about. It was the only store in Paris I had a little trouble in.

Dedene said...

Dear Cherie,
My mother-in-law (a born parisian) swears that only "les putes à la Pigalle" would wear leopard prints. How can this be true? How can I wear leopard prints without looking like one of the girls?

Anoninoz said...

Oh this is great.... I am smiling and laughing to myself as I am reading! Fantastique....
Do you think, Cherie, that as Leopard 'comes around' every few years that a GOOD leopard accessory bought at this point would last till the next time? :-) said...

Cherie will be on top of all these riveting questions on Friday.

And she deeply appreciates your interest and participation.


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