Monday, September 21, 2009

TOP 10: Reasons I Love My French Girlfriends

How many times have we heard it takes forever to construct deep, lasting friendships with Frenchwomen? Then, the theory goes, it takes years to be invited into their homes; into their inner circle and into their confidence.

Once again I've been lucky. It took considerably less than one year for my first two French friends and me to realize we were looking at long term engagement. They are among the best friends I have ever had anywhere. They're loyal, gracious and generous in every way. Truthfully, I don't know what I would do without them.

Sometimes Frenchwomen get a bad rap for their flirtatious ways, their wandering eye -- toward another woman's boyfriend or husband -- and all the things they do so reputedly well that we do less well, or not at all. 

I'm the first to admit my two best friends do many, many things better than I do, but we're not in competition. We laugh together, commiserate ensemble, share secrets and gossip. And we're always ready to pop open a bottle of Champagne whenever a circumstance -- good or bad -- calls for some bubbles. 

As you know by now as a species, for the most part, I admire Frenchwomen, but I thought I would share with you specifically why my two copines are so special.

TOP 10: Reasons I Love My Copines

1.) They know how to be reasonable.

2.) They know how to be extravagant.

3.) They're super/hyper well-organized. (Jealousy enters into my admiration here.)

4.) They don't workout. They walk, walk, walk; swim; bike, bike, bike and join the occasional dance or yoga class for FUN (operative word). They don't like the "work" part of workout.

5.) They know how to relativize problems. (It appears "relativize" is not a word, but I makeup words all the time and I think it works nicely.) 

My theory is they come from an old culture and thus realize there is only so much one human being can control in this life and a problem is a problem. That's the ying and yang of things. Nobody promised us a rose garden 12 months of the year.

6.) Once a friend, always a friend. They share their secrets from beauty creams, hair colorist and dermatologist to their heartaches, joys and depressions.

7.) They accept, forgive and move on. Unless someone hurts them out of pure cruelty, they somehow find an explanation on the route to forgiveness. I find it amazing.

8.) They don't waste time. They make time for what's important; forget what isn't. They are always there for a friend.

9.) I know I mention this all the time, but it's true and at the same time liberating. They are disciplined. They don't eat too much, drink too much, talk too much or too loudly. They have impeccably good manners on all occasions.

10.) They are fundamentally kind and quelle chance pour moi, my two best friends are hilarious. We've been known to cry from laughing -- even before the Champagne.


Deja Pseu said...

Such a lovely post. Women friends are a treasure.

Marsi said...

Lovely. I would love to read your French friends' top 10 reasons why they love their American friend next.

Rita said...

Loved this post.

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