Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Virtual Shopping: Her Way, My Way

My old journalism professor had two immutable rules:

1.) Do not use punctuation (!) to express what you should be able to say in words (. . .)

2.) Never assume anything, i.e. the "desert island theory."  Your reader doesn't necessarily know what you're talking about unless you offer some context.

I recently started ignoring number one because I !ove exclamation points, even when not necessarily necessary. Number two must always be respected, thus a brief explanation about today's post for those of you who haven't been introduced to the "virtual shopping" game.

Every week I choose from the current collections of a designer or designers from which Edith and I are allowed to "buy" one piece which we -- virtually, alas -- take back to our respective closets and mix with what we already own. Some weeks we choose different pieces, but somehow I think it's more fun for all of us if we see how a Frenchwoman and an American take the same item and work it her way.

In the future, I plan to add more players to see what happens.

We both really, really wanted the sumptuous georgette blouse from the Ungaro collection. Neither one of us wanted that diaper/skirt/shorts thing going on beneath.

Edith put hers with a black leather skirt; her red suede belt, which keeps turning up in her ensembles as you may have noticed; a pair of classic, though quite high pumps and opaque tights. 

"My" blouse, in a larger size. . . is paired with my black satin evening pants (part of my collection in crepe and satin from the fabulous Chinese boutique I've mentioned many times); an electric blue cummerbund; satin, moderately-high heels and blue topaz chandelier earrings.

Then we took the stunning navy jacket with the double-peplum detail from the Givenchy collection. We both would have walked away with the matching trousers, but the rules require one piece, and one piece only, that can be incorporated into our existing wardrobes. We were miserable on this one.

This is how we made up for our despair. . .

Edith put hers over a printed chiffon skirt she forgot she owned and admitted she's not sure she's ever worn, but swore she bought on sale for "literally nothing," belted as always and added red boots she claims she intends to buy this fall. (That's sort of breaking the rules, but if she will own them I guess we can bend them.)

I of course did not belt the jacket. I put it with my gray flannel pants; blue and black Chanel ballerinas; my orangey suede Chanel bag and large blue button earrings with double CCs. (The more I look at this combo, the more I like it.)

As always, all drawings by Edith.


Deja Pseu said...

Very cool! I love the ensembles with the peplum jacket. So very unique to each of you, yet both work so well. Bravo!!!

Marsi said...

It's so interesting to see how differently you each style these pieces. And I have to say, that Givenchy jacket is absolute perfection. Wouldn't it be a dream to own it?

Lorrie said...

Wonderful - that peplum jacket is just gorgeous. I don't know about the uber-puffy sleeves on the blouse, though.
Love this idea of taking something and making it yours.


Jacqueline said...

I'm afriad that I so overuse excamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!(hehe)
When you look at my blog you will see but, I don't care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes words can be miunderstood and people get the wrong idea and exclamation maks help.
Anyway , back to the plot. I love the black bubble skirt in photo 1 so I'm afraid that I disagree with you on that one, but love how you have both 're-designed' these outfits. XXXX said...

Isn't that jacket terrific? It's all in the details ne-c'est-pas? said...

Dear Jacqueline!!!

I LOVE the idea you would wear the skirt/diaper/shorts bottom. Fab-u-lous.

If I understand correctly you have a body on which you can wear just about anything -- lucky you.

Anoninoz said...

Great combinations - especially LOVE yours with the Givenchy jacket / trousers / and orange handbag... love orange and a zing of colour is always fun!!!
And I think I fail miserably too regarding point NO. 1 - too many !!!! and .... and :-) always in my blog but I guess that's me!

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