Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Virtual Shopping: It's Not What You're Thinking. . .

I've invented a game (!!) 

You're probably thinking: "She's got waaaaaay to much time on her hands; she's been breathing too much fresh, country air or she's been tippling. Mais non

Making something out of nothing for pure entertainment, which could theoretically translate into a useful project, is practically an obsession chez moi

We've discussed the economy several times, so we'll drop that subject alluding only to the possibility that my game might come into play -- let's stick with the metaphor for a moment (I know, I know) -- and you could take the "ball" and run with it.

Every week I try to come up with a fresh idea to work with Edith while at the same time showing you the new trends from the fun-filled world of fashion. While amusing you is of primary importance, probably more relevant to you is how you can take clothes you already own and turn them into This Season.

Here's the game: I choose a designer collection from fall/winter 2009-2010 and go shopping -- virtually that is. 

Let me explain the rules: 

1.) Choose one designer.

2.) "Buy" one piece from the collection for day, another for evening.

3.) One piece only -- never a total look, ever.

4.) This piece must go with something I already own or I can't choose it. Firm, fast rule.

5.) I choose what I would actually buy if money were no object. Ha(!)

6.) What I choose must flatter my un peu ronde, pulpeuse figure, otherwise it's a waste of virtual money. 

But who wants to play games all by herself?

7.) I asked Edith to play with me. She agreed. (Basically she agrees to just about everything.)

8.) She does the same thing from the same collection, choosing according to what she owns and in deference to her French figure.

Et voila, the game begins.

It's a win-win frolic,  an exercise in what we can do with what we have and what we might buy even if regretfully our purchases are not directly from Chanel. 

From the top: Edith, who loves green, chose the tweedy jacket to wear with her "ancient" (her words) black, wool crepe dress for lunch in Paris. I chose the cropped jacket -- which I would never wear any other way than how it's shown here because of my figure -- with my black cashmere turtleneck and black gab pants. This combination keeps the line flowing.

For evening Edith took the beautiful, short black asymmetrically buttoned jacket to wear with a satin evening skirt she has in her closet. 

(We both wanted that skirt. We both also wanted the lifestyle that goes with it.)

I chose the long, fitted jacket with the feathery ruffled collar to bring attention up, up, up and paired it with a black sequined evening skirt I love even though I can't remember the last time I wore it. (It's not easy to draw black sequins, but the skirt is all black. Quelle surprise.)

The lottery is another game we could consider. 

Ed. Note: Edith and I may be amused with this exercise, but I would love to know if it is at all helpful for you. Just a quick "yes" or "no" would be great. Then I'll decide if this should be a regular feature moving along from designer to designer. Merci par avance.


Deja Pseu said...

Yes! It's a great way to show how runway looks can transfer to real-life ensembles. (Even if we can't afford the designer goods, some of the design elements will trickle down to the masses eventually.)

Marsi said...

Oui, oui, oui. I love the game. The only sad part is, we don't really get to buy the piece. But as you said, the other game to play is the lottery. I am most taken by that asymetrical jacket.

sisty said...

Yes, please! I love the way you and your friend put things together.

Drea said...

ooooh, I want that skirt--and the lifestyle--too!

Bonjour Madame said...

I like this game!

Shelley said...

Absolutely. Lessons in how to make something from nothing are incredibly valuable in so many different areas (home making, decorating, clothing, cooking).

I'm determined to learn to sew my clothes and all this is wonderful training. Bring it on!

Anoninoz said...

Yes, Yes and Double Yes.... Great game and we can all dream of actually owning a piece from a designer...

knitpurl said...

-Carole said...

Fabulous. I was having so much fun. Edith said she was as well. So we're off on this new adventure.

Next Wednesday we're doing it again and the week after I've added a twist.

Thank you for taking the time to tell me.


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