Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Virtual Shopping -- With A Twist

Let the games begin. . . 

You know the rules: I choose a designer's fall/winter collection then Edith and I select one item for day; another for evening which we could conceivably -- if this were not a virtual shopping game and we had unlimited funds at our disposal -- mix with separates we already own.

This week it might be more interesting than ever -- you be the judge. 

I must say, never in my life have I been in a position to not only invent a game, but change the rules at my merest whim. I'm certain this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To vary the sport and heighten the competition, I thought it would be fun for us to choose exactly the same item, take it to our closets and see what each of us comes up with.  We chose the gorgeous embellished top from Chloe and a simple peacock blue bustier from Valentino. 

In her drawings Edith made the Chloe top a sort of cafe au lait color, maybe it exists in that hue too(?) If it were charcoal, as pictured, I would change from my large wool crepe pants to my large gray crepe trousers (or maybe my gray flannels). Edith said she would wear a winter white pleated skirt.

For evening, Edith bared her well-toned arms; added a polished cotton skirt; a big, red sash and lots of bangles. I preferred to cover my arms and donned my trusty go everywhere, go with everything can't live without tuxedo; a plum satin cummerbund and my amethyst chandelier earrings. I rather like the way we both kept the neck adornment-free; I think it looks fresh and feminine.


Deja Pseu said...

I can't begin to tell you how much inspiration I'm gleaning from this series, and just how much I adore Edith's drawings! Love, love, love these posts!!!!

Marsi said...

First of all, that Chloe tunic is divine. Second of all, that peacock blue is glorious. I think anyone could wear that color, don't you? Third, all four stylings for these pieces is so great. What a fun series this is! The only thing that'd be more fun is if you actually found these pieces in your closet.

Dedene said...

I love both pieces and all of the ensembles you've created. Right now, I don't have much that would go with the blue bustier, but the tunic I could use!

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