Thursday, October 22, 2009

Country Living: Out & About

They have no fear, they're not insecure, they've got it all worked out. For them it's not about trends or the ins and outs of the fickle world of fashion as dictated by magazines and the buzz about the latest and the greatest.  It's about their individuality. The way they dress is an extension of their personalities.

French women discover -- many at a tender age -- their singular style, it's all about them, they don't wish to look like everyone else.  They don't need to prove they recognize the new dictates. As the years pass, they add, eliminate, perfect and fine-tune.

Dressing is an extension of who they are, what pleases them, what amuses them and they hope at the same time gives pleasure to those who appreciate their efforts -- whether they know their admirers or not.

Basically, that's the thesis of this blog: To prove French women, particularly those who face perhaps more challenges as they pass out of their 30s, never fail to turn heads with their creative flair, respect for themselves (and others) and their fashion finesse.

Individualism, personal expression, an extension of who I am and what pleases me and I hope pleases others. That's the bottom line for them.

If my DIY/I'm-Not-A-Photographer pictures demonstrate anything, I hope it's their spirit of independence and how they use clothes and accessories to communicate their message to those who take the time to savor their unique savoir-faire.

Question of the week: Who is that red-haired woman dashing down the Rue de Rivoli? Could it be (?) the mysterious Une Femme?


Lisa said...

What fun! All these pics are part of my personal "style stimulus". Thank you for posting. And, I do believe that's one of us....D.P. looking beautiful and very chic.

Deja Pseu said...

Fabulous pictures! I love how you've captured the motion of the scarf in that first one. It's interesting, but I see more individuality and cohesive style overall in your "country" women than I saw in the areas of Paris we visited. Perhaps it was the areas we frequented?

Bonjour Madame said...

Deja Pseu is looking fabulous, and quite frankly, like a native French woman! That's so great you two met.

Lorrie said...

Thanks for these fabulous glimpses into everyday French fashion. It's wonderful and reconfirms my own style that has evolved over the years - to dress to express and please myself.


Marsi said...

Lots of neutral colors and pieces with that certain little detail that makes them neither basic nor boring. Love looking at these shots, Tish!

And it also goes to show you how important a good haircut is. All of these women have that most important of accessories: good hair.

Hooray, D.P.! There you are, looking terrific in my favorite scarf again!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love looking at people like this and catching a glimpse into their day... what they wear etc. Your thesis is SO true! French women are not killing themselves over wearing the latest trend. They really couldn't give a fig, which is ironic as they are in the city that develops most of the trends (fashion designer wise). Love this post!

beansgood said...

Thank you, Tish, for posting these photos! I just love them. They all look so great.

I only wish I had their sense of fashion. And I must add, they all look so wonderfully fit. I wonder what their secret is.... hmmm.

I have a good friend in Vancouver, in her mid 70s that would fit right in with these fabulous ladies. She takes the fear out of what's staring me in the eye as I journey through my 50s. Great inspiration!

knitpurl said...

French women do know how to be themselves. These were great, Tish.

Please tell Anne-Francoise (from last week's post) that Maybelline Superstay Gloss is terrific and, as she told us, it does last and last.

DP, you lucky person to visit Paris. You look totally joyful.

Anoninoz said...

Was very much looking forward to this 'Out and about' post - wonderful and great photographs too especially the one of 'Une' who looks so lovely (and we have the same handbag!)
Also the streets of the village/town are BEAUTIFUL - very quaint and that gorgeous bluey grey colour of one of the shops is fabulous.. you are so lucky to live near there.

aaonce said...

Great post Tish-your pix do a great job of illustrating your points on fashion. Like others have said before me, it is wonderful to see the expression of individuality on each person. Great shot of DP, she looks so happy, relaxed and fully "in the moment". How wonderful that you two had the opportunity to meet. Really enjoyed today's pix.

Marieanne said...

May I just say how happy I am to have discovered your marvelous, marvelous blog?

Now, that gorgeous woman with the purple scarf...could it be???? :)

auroreMIL said...

Chère Laetitia
Je reste persuadée que le style des femmes qui ne vivent pas à Paris est bien plus personnel que dans notre belle capital où l'uniforme est très souvent à la mode !!
A la campagne, moins de pression sociale, du confort avant tout en gardant une touche de glam et d'élégance...
Merci pour ces photos !

Elizabeth said...

These pictures have made my day - you have a great eye and thanks again for giving me a lovely Friday treat. I can sit at my desk and pretend I'm in a cafe watching (and learning from!) these elegant ladies pass by.

Bon weekend!

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