Monday, October 26, 2009

TOP 10: Reasons Why I Like Frenchmen

You may have noticed I didn't say the "Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Frenchmen" because I only love one Frenchman, My-Reason-for-Living-in-France, but I have to admit I do have lots of fun with the others and they are unfailingly good for the morale.

It took me a few years to catch on to the games, word play and innuendo, but now I can joust with the best of them and as a result have passed hundreds of fascinating and amusing moments sparring with the masters of the class.

Here is a sampling of the reasons why they are so much fun. . .

TOP 10: Reasons Why I Like Frenchmen:

1.) They genuinely like women.

2.) They listen.

3.) They ask questions and are interested in the responses.

4.) They're impeccably polite and respectful (even when they're not always PC).

5.) I love the way they dress either country casual or business serious. (Business serious often includes a jaunty pochette, beautiful cuff links and a witty cravat.)

6.) They invariably smell delicious.

7.) They freely give compliments and I believe they are always sincere. As My-Reason-for-Living-in-France says: "There is something beautiful about every woman." He's proved to me how true that is.

8.) Some know how to cook extremely well and a few even clean-up after.

9.) They pour the wine. 

10.) They are arguably the world's best flirts and they make it a fun repartee. It is never vulgar.


Anoninoz said...

How delightful - I do wish that I knew a few (or one!) French men too - purely for the morale boosting side, naturellement!

Bonjour Madame said...

It sounds like they are a lot of fun and would make good company.

Deja Pseu said...

Great list. I too was really impressed on our first visit that French men aren't afraid to look well put together, or to wear color.

It's that thing about genuinely *liking* women that seems to set French men so much apart from men in the US and some other countries. Here, there so often seems to be so much cultural hostility directed at women. French culture *seems* to appreciate the feminine, rather than thinking the worst insult is that someone "_______ like a girl."

Lisa said...

After reading your list, it occurred to me that all those attributes would be appealing in anyone, male or female.

Jacqueline said...

This is all true...I've met a few in my time !!!!....but, I suspect that it is probably true of some men in most countries and I'm sure that there are a few duff French men as well !!!! Just sticking up for the men from England.He he XXXX

The Daily Connoisseur said...

oh so true! I admire all of those qualities about Frenchmen and observed the very same things when I lived in France. I am married to an Englishman- an entirely different sort of man! The two could not be more different! Things I love about Englishmen?

-Their accent
-Their endearing Hugh Grant-esque neurosis
-Their love of tradition
-Dress sense
-Their use of the word 'darling'


Great post!

Marsi said...

What Deja said!

Must be such fun to be surrounded by men who delight in "la difference."

... said...

Ok les filles !!
Ouh Ouh I am french !
You make my day !


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Clarity said...

I forgot how they flirt. "The eyes" too, they are never shy about looking, some of them, anyway.

As for smelling fantastic, I was at this thing a certain French actor attended, does that sound discrete enough? Anyway, you could smell him from 2ft away but it was pleasant and citrusy.

I think more men need to remember the importance of smelling beautiful.

ADG said...

Damn. Reminds me of me.

koralee said... may have something here. I really don't know any Frenchmen but would love to meet one...but I am happily married..maybe I will convince one of my daughters to go hang out in France for awhile.

knitpurl said...

Number 7, now and forever.

Pug1 said...

WOWee ten FANtastic reasons! CHEERS! Michele said...


How exciting. Merci Fred, thank you ADG for your visits. said...

Thank you all my chere, chere amis.

My best friend here is married to an Englishman and he is much more reserved than a French man, but he is delightful and charming in a completely different way.

When you-know-who and I were married he wrote us a beautiful letter wishing us happiness. It was so lovely I cried. How many men would do something as lovely as that? (His wife, my friend, had nothing to do with the gesture.)

Koralee, Help your daughters choose well for husband material. I got lucky, but sometimes in that department they can be difficult. . .

metscan said...

Nothing on your list matches with men in Finland. I suddenly feel so depressed ; )

Fifi Flowers said...

Is it possible to make my amercain man more francais??? said...

Not me Metscan, Now I have a horse who likes me. I'm thrilled. What is her or his name? What a beauty.

Thank you so (both) much.

metscan said...

Dear Tishjett ! Sorry, was this a question for me to answer ; ) ! Yes, I´m still depressed. The horse is a he and yes he is tender, loving, handsome, behaves well- as a gentleman, but he is not from Finland. He is RUSSIAN, and you know Russian men..; ) !

徵信社 said...

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