Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Cherie. . .

Cherie's week has been less than stellar -- a little betrayal, a little blah, a little bit baffling. 

Surely you're thinking Cherie has forgotten the alliterative word she is provoking this very second: borrrr-ring. 

Well enough about moi, Cherie is here pour vous, toujours.
Let's see what's on the mode menu for today.

Q: Cherie, dear, do you think we could revisit the gray hair question? For example, could you give us an example? 

A: Why yes indeed. Look at France's stunning Minister of Finance, Christine Lagarde. Her diaphanous gray gown with the gray hair is nothing less than divine. Look at those arms, those legs. . . She was once a champion swimmer.

Q: D.P.: As I stand here eating cold noodles over my kitchen sink after a hard day's work, I'm wondering, Cherie, is this business about French women coming home from work, shopping and then preparing a multi-course meal another one of those myths? 

A: Cherie believes, from her experience, it's true and it's not true. Weekly meals are simple, though they are often three courses, for example: small, simple salad; main course -- fish, meat, veg -- and desert is either a fruit or a yogurt or both. No sauces, no calorie laden deserts, no fuss, but a real sit down with the family repast. Everyday shopping for a working woman is no longer realistic. She may stop for a baguette or a vegetable, but as far as Cherie knows she does not forage for her family every night. (Please jump in if your experience is the contrary, or some nuance thereon.)

Now, here is every Frenchwoman's best friend (Mr.) Picard, the most fab-u-lous frozen food emporium in the whole-wide-world. Though there are prepared meals, most women buy unadorned fish, soups without salt or additives, some meats, raspberries in the winter, vegetables, even bread. 

Q: Don't forget, you have to tell us another item we're supposed to add to our wardrobes to make us even more perfectly French.

A: Cherie may be losing her memory, but she takes notes and has several notebooks scattered throughout her maison. This week it is the inevitable Little Black Dress. Search and you shall find. It's truly the only advice one can give on the subject. Try, try, try until you get it just right. The mystic of the LBD is that it can go anywhere, any time depending upon how it's gussied up.

Haven't had a whiff yet, but the new Guerlain perfume received rave reviews. Cherie will check it out. 

Q: Any purchases this week Cherie?

A: So glad you asked. Instead of buying something to wear, Cherie purchased something so she can wear what she's already bought. (Actually it's on order. When it arrives Cherie will share. Yes, some only children do know how to share.) 

People are dropping kilos like crazy with the help of this tome. As Cherie's doctor says, the first step toward a regime is the decision. Pending.


Chemin des Muguets said...

Good Morning Tish,

I love the lady in grey! My kind of gal. Yes, Lauren from Patine has that look too.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I would be delighted to do a posting on your blog. I think it is the French florist post you are interested in? But, I am so new to this blog world that I am not clear how to do it. Also I am on the road, so this Sat. is not possible. Would next Sat. work for you?

Sorry for the need of hand-holding.



aaonce said...

Sorry to hear about your week. Hopefully the weekend will turn things around for you. Wish we could bring you the same joy that you bring into our week. I loved your "surprise" for us this week. Thanks for the lovely example of a woman who is allowing herself to gray beautifully.
Thank you for revealing the truth behind the myth of the daily gatherer. I think the key is purchasing unadorned soups, ect (which means that you can then add your own ingredients). Great idea!
Would Cherie mind talking about the myth (or reality) of the French woman's small closet? I like the series you have been doing on the French woman's essentials--but in the end is her closet filled with only these 10-15items? There is something that I always feel I am missing when I hear about this small closet myth-especially in light of the LONG list provided this past summer on all the different ways your friends were able to wear their polka dot skirt/bright pants. I wonder what logic French women operate by (besides wear a MUCH loved item with everything and until it actually wears out) that keeps their closets so lean. I realize that this a rather rambling question, so feel free to answer it in whatever form you wish. Good luck with the new (weight loss) project, hopefully you will be able to integrate it within your own life with little effort and lots of pleasure.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Dear Majorie,

How exciting. Thank you so much. Yes, the French florist and whatever Saturday suits your schedule.

We'll go undercover for the transfer of information. . .

Warm regards,
Tish said...

Chere Aaonce,

You are adorable. Thank you. I love your comments. I'm so glad you keep coming back for more. It's lovely to say I bring a little joy. You've already picked up my spirits.

Cherie will discuss the small closet question. I think I'll do some interviews so it's not just my observations. All my friends have HUGE closets, but saying that they all wear pretty much the same size they've worn all their lives so it gives continuity to a wardrobe and keeps it compact and well thought out. Let's see what they tell me.


Lisa said...

Christine Lagarde exudes self-confidence in this it!

erina said...

As always, wonderful posts Tish. I loved the out and about photos yesterday, and agree with other readers that it's actually much better to be able to see the same women on different days; I love the way each has her own look, that varies, yet it doesn't. Do your models read your blog? I hope they do, so they can see how good they look, and how much we all appreciate them.

I thank Cherie for addressing the grey hair question so well, as she astutely remarked, it's all about cut and condition, and of course the confidence of the bearer! Perfect example in Lagarde. So chic.

Tish, do something nice for yourself this weekend. I hope you have a lovely one!

Lorrie said...

Bonjour Tish,

I hope your weekend brings you joy that dulls the memory of the blah week.
Christine Lagarde - gorgeous!

I have a question for Cherie - what are French women reading these days?


La Belette Rouge said...

I turned all grey/white by the time I was in my early 20's. I have been colouring my hair for YEARS. I hope when I finally give into gray that I can do it half as well as Christine Lagarde.

And, bien sur, you can email me. You can find my address on the left hand margin of my blog. Look forward to hearing from you, gorgeous!

Marieanne said...

That is a Minister of Finance?!!! Fabulous. I am very, very inspired - as always, when I visit your blog.

Sorry you've not had a good week. Here's to a brighter tomorrow.

Shelley said...

You're an only child? Me, too! The woman with grey hair is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing her.

BigLittleWolf said...

Indeed, the gray hair and gray gown are both sublime - but then - she looks like she's got a pretty rockin' bod and a great smile. What doesn't go beautifully with that?

Framboises. Qu'est-ce que j'en ai envie. Sur le ventre d'un amant, à gouter, lentement ; à savourer.... Works off any excess calories, bien entendu. As if I had the energy.

Perhaps time for a little good French homeopathy?

Bonjour Madame said...

Your finance minister is fantastically chic. I recall seeing her on an american news program and thinking how well she presented herself. I can't get over how they don't subscribe to the same idea our female senators and representatives in our congress do of continuously wearing the ill fitting generic business suit in harsh bright solid colors with a side of bad plastic surgery. :)

Marieanne said...

"ill fitting generic business suit in harsh bright solid colors"

YES, exactly. And this, ladies, is what passes for style in my neck of the woods (I am a DC denizen.)

You see my dilemma. Hence, my glee at finding A Femme and Un Femme.

materfamilias said...

Oh dear, I can see I'm going to lose much time at your delightful blog -- I've been browsing over the past week or so, but only just managing to leave a comment. And I see that, unsurprisingly, a writer and observer as entertaining as you are would have drawn around her a great cohort of readers and commenters.

Marsi said...

Tish, I think I read somewhere that Didier Ludot is coming out with a perfume for his Petite Robe Noir shop in Palais Royal. That is one I'd be curious about. I've sampled the Guerlain, and it's sweet and fruity -- the antithesis of what a Guerlain used to be (or, in my opinion, should be). I do NOT like the new directions Guerlain's been heading in over the last three years or so, with the treacly gourmands. LVMH's influence, I suppose.

Anyway. I have three LBDs, each of which is very different and useful and perfect. It's a wardrobe essential for sure.

Can't wait till you get the diet book and file your report.


Deja Pseu said...

Sorry you've had a challenging week. Like a virus, it seems to be going around.

Please thank Cherie for the response about French dinners. I may actually have to begin planning some simple meals. And I'm curious about the diet book...will you translate the premise for us? So much for "French women don't diet," eh?

Anoninoz said...

An interesting and informative round up by our Cherie again this week.... frozen organic food - wonderful! And the elusive LBD, just when I think I've found 'the one' another one I see seems better! (and should one have a Summer and a Winter LBD??!!)
A question for Cherie for next week... "I would imagine that you advocate, as most French women do I believe, buying the best quality clothing possible but say you may happen to stray into 'Monoprix', par exemple - how do you find a garment worthy to enter your wardrobe? What type of detailing, colour, fabric etc. would you look for?'

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