Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Cherie. . .

Cherie has been called back from her vacances to fill-in for her lazy cohort who keeps rambling on about "straightening up" -- unfortunately not in the more challenging and meaningful sense of the expression as in "fly right," but rather dusting, changing the stubs of the remaining candles, gathering wood, plumping cushions, purchasing a new Dyptique candle and so on. 

Speaking of "plumping" she's also carrying on about "diets, regimes and banning alcoholic beverages" for the new year which means Cherie will be high-tailing it out of here right after the first. 

Cherie, as you have most certainly gleaned, is a bonne vivante so she will have to contribute her pearls of prose long distance with a glass of bubbly or whatever else she finds at hand. Not to worry, Cherie will not forsake you in the nouvelle année.

Together then, let us wrap up 2009 with questions, answers, advice and nonsense.

Q: Mme. X: Dearest Cherie, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and received all the things you deserve.

A: Cherie does not see a question hidden in the above, but she'll comment par politesse. Cherie had a calm, lovely Christmas, thank you. She had her annual two tranches of foie gras -- one on the 24th; the other on Noel -- and her quota of champagne of which she does not feel compelled to talk quantity. You know there was quality.

Every so often Cherie, who has almost no character flaws, has little selfish wishes. It's true. She was hoping to be added to the favorites list of six of her favorite blogs and Pere Noel didn't deliver. Cherie is not distraught, she is disappointed. It's somewhat like unrequited love on a lower register.

(Ed. Note: If Pigeon is still out there, I couldn't find you. I thought you were hilarious and then you flew away.)

Q: Mme.R: Dear Cherie, I know without asking you have certainly had so many New Year's Eve invitations that you must have had a difficult time deciding where to go and what to wear. Since it is none of my business where you are going, could you at least tell me/us what you will be wearing?

A: Yes, yes, yes and yes or oui, oui, oui et oui if you prefer. In fact, tomorrow Cherie will show you what she will be wearing on the 31st. She and Edith have hit their armoires again and are debating between two ensembles to wow potential admirers. You can vote if you'd like.

Q: Mme.F: My chere Cherie, What have you been doing since the 25th? I notice no one has been writing on this blog.

A: Hmmm, a question and does Cherie detect a reproach? Never mind. Cherie has been doing something she suspects few others in this day and tech-age have been (doing). She has been writing thank you notes and notes of good wishes for the new year. This is complicated so pay attention: Cherie actually used her engraved note cards and for longer discourses her engraved stationery, a pen, and then she addressed envelopes, placed a stamp on same and dropped these handwritten messages into la poste.  

Cherie's cards are blue with her name engraved in navy; the stationery is beige with her name in Bordeaux, tres chic if she does say so herself. She also has Bordeaux ink, the color not the vin, although there is plenty in the cave.

(When Cherie was a petite fille her mere wouldn't let her go out and play in the snow on the 26th until all her thank-you notes were written.) 

Cherie has been busy trying to keep up a tradition in this season of traditions. Et voila

Q: Mme. G: Cherie, dear, Do you have any more surprises for us before the end of the year?

A: Cherie is so glad you asked. Yes, indeed. Her dear friend Jean Rafferty has set her dream New Year's Eve table for your delectation. Stay tuned. 

(That's a picture of one of Cherie's Baccarat polar bears.)


knitpurl said...

Cherie, you are so kind to rattle our cages, or our minds, about handwritten thank-yous. They are so nice to read and certainly sending them oneself stores up so much merit, wherever merit is stored. Love the polar bear, looking forward to the New Year's ensembles tomorrow.

And, Cherie, stick with us and forget the "plumping". It's only a passing phase usually over by the first week of the new year.

PS: read that turquoise is the home dec. color for 2010; will that transfer to clothing, Cherie?

LPC said...

Were it possible that we were among the deeply mortified transgressors, those who have failed to respond to generosity with generosity, we believe that our oversight has been rectified. And, to be sure, we always appreciate notifications of moments when we drop the proverbial ball. Cherie, onwards.

Semi Expat said...

Cherie so lovely to see that you are back with us and in fine form 'comme d'hab.'!!
I am particularly envious of your beautiful correspondence cards and cannot wait to see your NYE finery later!

The-Countrypolitan said...

For some of us... "plumping" is an obsession that for some unexplained reason upsets or annoys the occupiers of the davenport... perhaps I should wait till they get up...

Lily Lemontree said...

Cherie, so wonderful to hear that you take pen to 'actual' paper, a dying art that saddens me to no end! Can't wait to see what you will be sporting to ring in the new year!

Rita said...

I agree!! Handwritten notes have become a rare gesture.

I gave each granddaughter a box of personalized cards for Christmas, and I received a box as a gift from my daughter. Maybe there is an idea in all of this - giving note cards as gifts. It would make shopping easier for everyone, and it might encourage a revival proper written communication.

materfamilias said...

I've noticed that I can hear Cherie's accent, the inflections of her speech, almost the timbre of her voice, as I read these great posts. Truly, I should put pen to paper to thank you for the experience -- I do enjoy these posts!

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