Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ooh-la-la, It IS Le Dernier Moment: Gifts Part IV

Still looking for an unforgettable last, last, last second cadeau. . .?

My in-box is daily littered with "who's selling my name and how did they get it in the first place?" trash, but one was particularly disturbing today, it read (of course I didn't open it, the intro was scary enough): "Only Hours Left. . ." 

Now I'm feeling guilty about the "Last Minute Gift" series actually being too close to the last minute. (I vacillate. Some days I feel guilty about something, others I'm worried about something. I may combine the two on this occasion.)

OK, enough dithering. Here then is the last in the four part series from two more blogs I love to visit often, which I hope you do or will: My Carolina Kitchen and The Countrypolitan.

Sam in her Carolina kitchen has a way of combining the urbane with the cozy and welcoming. She's that rare melange of worldliness and warmth. She suggested two gifts, which you'll see below. I would like to suggest you click right over to her blog to read through her irresistible recipes and menus. Surely several can be made in one of her gift ideas -- definitely not the other one. (Ed. Note: I'd like the other one, Santa darling.)

Terri invented the perfect name for her blog and translates her superb taste into a Euro-country chic that, in my opinion,  few Americans pull off with panache. She does. Her inspired ideas are the perfect way to end this four-part saga. You can see for yourself. (The mother of pearl opera glasses are her idea. Aren't they divine?) 

Ed. Note: in my final read-over here I thought I was talking about Pearl's mother. . .

I'm sure you will be delighted by the final - tick, tick, tick - cadeau suggestions below.

By Sam 

For the love in your life -- a David Yurman Diamond, black onyx, sterling silver and 18k white gold bracelet. It's a classic design by David Yurman. It's a graceful cable of sterling silver, capped with faceted black onyx, banded in pave diamonds and accented with 18 karat white gold. It's perfect for casual or dressy occasions. 

For the cook in your life -- Le Creuset's four-quart Heritage oval cocotte. Inspired by a drawing in France found in Le Creuset's archives, this classically designed cocotte (casserole) is oval shaped with a close-fitting lid that makes it ideal for cooking everything from a whole braised chicken to a pot-au-feu. Its ribbed handles makes it easy to carry from the oven to the table. It's designed for the oven and stove top and can also be used on induction heat. Made in France of course.


By Terri 

These are a few of the gifts I would love for others to love: The short list. . . 

I think when we give a gift, it is often a reflection of what we ourselves would like to receive and therefore hope the receiver will enjoy as much as we would. There is always at least one person on our list who wants something "practical" or something they "need."  I think those people are especially in need of something intended for the pure joy or indulgence that the gift offers -- practical or not.

A few ideas then:

1.) A bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne ($300 per bottle!)

2.) Pearls: Always classic, always welcome, always appreciated, always perfect -- real or faux.

3.) A Zippo hand warmer -- a great stocking stuffer.

4.) Mother of pearl opera glasses -- new or vintage.

5.) Excellent chocolates John and Kiras for example.

6.) Cuff links -- his or hers.

7.) A black and white photograph.

8.) Monogrammed handkerchiefs.

9.) A leather passport case.

10.) Cashmere anything and always the best you can afford.

11.) A classic men's cardigan from J. Crew.

12.) Something handmade (take a look at Country by Mail for example)

For those REALLY last minute gifts. . .

I prefer to personally hand select gifts; but that can pose a problem when I am selecting gifts at the last minute, especially since not everyone on my list has the same "objets de désirs" as I do, but if you are in need of some really last second gifts -- then the computer may be your best friend.

With the loss of so many of our favorite magazines, I can't think of a more timely investment than a gift subscription to a magazine specially chosen for the recipient's interests. This could help a lot of the remaining magazines make it through until next season. The prices are hard to beat, you can literally give this the very last instant -- all you have to do is buy a magazine, wrap it and explain with a note. Every time a new issue arrives your thoughtfulness will be remembered.

How about something special to look forward to? Tickets to his or her favorite event. Most are easily purchased online and you can usually chose the seat location.

Consider membership to a wine club. You could gift wrap a couple of wine glasses along with the membership certificate and maybe a bottle of wine as well.

For a not so usual way these days to deliver a special Christmas message, how about a telegram? Yes, they still exist. I came across the Telegramstop a while back and saved the information for future use. They deliver nationally and internationally within 48 hours. You have plenty of time. . .


Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Tish, WON.DER.FUL! I went to the 2 blogs (and link blogs) and they are both great. The last minute gifts are perfect ideas and beautifully photographed. And you comments are HI.LA.RIOUS! you write sowell you make me jealous...envious. Bravo.

knitpurl said...

As I dash off in a snowfall, I must write this was fun to read. Appreciate the thoughts on other blogs too.

LPC said...

How fun would it be to send a telegram! Tish, great blogs. Thank you.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Tish,
Many thanks for the wonderful series on last minute gifts.
They really were helpful AND if we don't use them this year we can take the ideas and will be so prepared next year, we wont need any last minute gifts !!
I'm so pleased to know that telegrams still exist. I didn't think that you could do them any more. I will definitely follow that one up. XXXX

BonjourRomance said...

Tish, yet a another outstanding post. Your comments are hilarious. Will head off to see these two bloggers who each did such a wonderful job. I now have a arsenal of last minute gifts thanks to you!

Lorrie said...

Fun stuff! Thanks for pointing the way to more wonderful blogs that I will have to read everyday and thus spend more time in front of the computer...

Semi Expat said...

Yet more fantastic ideas - wonderful - thanks Tish for the great series (and to the contributers) am going to file away ideas for future reference! Loving the series...xx Hope all your cadeaux buying now done and dusted btw!!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Tish, thank you for inviting me to offer last minute gift suggestions and your kind words.

I love Teri's idea of the expensive champagne and the pearls. Who wouldn't be happy with that? Pour moi, s'il vous plait Santa.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I'm the cook in my life so I'll have the Le Creuset's four-quart Heritage oval cocotte and pearls are my birth stone so I'll have those too.
Warm regards,

annecychic said...

Merry Christmas, Tish!

Anne at Bird/Like said...

Oh, i love this post! You've got a great selection. I did my own list post and you won't believe it, i included a Verandah subscription as well! Happy Holidays! Anne

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