Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

Have you any idea how draining it is watching you-know-who and "the little one" tear the abode apart, in an attempt to turn chaos into clutter-free calm? 

 Truly, you can't imagine. 

Cherie left town and checked into a spa the minute the dust started flying. Cherie needed -- no deserved -- some serious R&R pampering. 

Back today and admittedly delighted to see her desk has a top -- formerly Cherie thought papers were suspended in mid-air, not a surface was bare and heaven knows Cherie can be as obsessive/compulsive about neat and orderly as she is about her personal appearance. (In mid-sentence gloss is often re-applied and parfum freshened. Surely you're not surprised.)

But enough about moi. Let's talk about you. The poste is overflowing with your questions. Let us begin:

Q: Chere Cherie, You know I don't wish to be rude, but I can't help wondering: Do you plan on talking about les marinières t-shirts (again and again) any time soon or will you once and for all drop the subject?

A: My Chere: Is your question, are marinières over? If so, the response is non, non, non et non. The other day Cherie did some stealth photography at Monoprix and guess what's on the racks for spring? You've got it. And what do you see above? That's a spanking new Chanel sweater which Cherie believes one would call a marinière, n'est-ce pas (?) right out of the January 15th edition of French Elle (picture by David Vasijievic). 

You have Cherie's permission to wear them again starting now.

Q: Dear Cherie, Thrilled you're back and hope you're feeling perky and rested. On the subject of "perky" I need your help. What with the let down after the holidays and all the gray weather, do you have any nifty notions about perking up our winter wardrobes?

A: Dear Mme. M: That was long-winded, but thank you for asking, Cherie feels refreshed and relaxed (relaxed being a relative term for one as active and mondaine as moi meme). This is a subject about which Cherie pondered while being pummeled and came up with a few snappy solutions for the last dark days of the season.

1.) A new plaid shirt. Cherie likes the ruffled one from the Gap (a nice mix of F&M -- masculine and feminine, what were you thinking?) which might be on markdown (or completely sold-out), the pink from Bruce Field or the red from the label Finger in the Nose -- Cherie with her delicate sensibilities twitched when writing that.

2.) How about those pearls from Chanel? If they don't pick up your spirits it's time to hit the meds.

OK, just pearls in that case. Pearls are wonderful for the morale.

3.) Scarves, scarves, scarves. As Frenchwomen know, they are the best all-time investment whether dirt cheap or designer cher. Think white or color(!) and don't worry about fads and trends, scarves are personal statements.

Q: Dearest Cherie, I've been seeing lots of pale, pinky natural lip colors and much less red, red, red? What's your reading on this? Do I spot a trend?

A: My chere Mme. D: Poor Cherie, always a wearer of beigey/pinky/rosy/nudey lipsticks, is befuddled by this conundrum -- not the question obviously, but the indecision on the part of the beauty industry. Note all the naturals pictured here on: Robin Wright, Sharon Stone (you'll notice in the Dior ad, where you can't figure out who she is, she has pale lips) and Audrey Tautou. Furthermore, the recent magazine covers have featured low-voltage color. However, open the pages and out pops the red. (Note the orange on the model in the Chanel sailor shirt.)

Cherie suggests you find your color and stick to it as she always does. Or, find your colors and stick to them. For the moment, Cherie can confirm, lips are not slippery/shiny. That's about it.

Q: Cherie, dear, What's new?

A: Mme. L, dear, this is what's new: A line of bijoux from Cartier called Entrelacés. Cherie refuses to believe that something that looks either like a piece of barbed-wire or a twisted electrical cord will replace her beloved Trinity collection of which she has the ring and the bracelet. 

The twister (Cherie's word) has been executed in three forms: ring, bracelet and necklace with prices beginning at 600 Euros. You be the judge. If Cherie had designed it the ends would have been filled with precious stones, but then again Cherie was no doubt having a facial when Cartier called for her input. 


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Great info here, love your "pick me up" ideas...think I am on the same page as you are with your fashion advice...but I have not got any plaid shirts, only white...need a striped mariniere for sure!

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

All right, let me recapitulate: cowgirl shirts, Ophelian lips, Chanel necklace and Cartier bracelets and a little mariniere once in a while;OK I am fine with that, except for the check shirt; I look a mess in them, or I think I would... but we can't be all things; you must definitely be the casual-couture-natural face type. lucky. great post amusing and chic. Tish, once again...

Marsi said...

Cherie, so terribly true! It matters not one bit what lipstick color or intensity is "in" if it doesn't sort well with your complexion. I sometimes flirt with nail polish colors, but a color that you put on your face leaves you with no room for error.

I loved that Venice resort collection for Chanel. Really wonderful, and I'm always pleased to see striped shirts. To my eye, they are never tired or dated.

Cherie, this was an excellent installment today! I came, I saw, I learned.


knitpurl said...

Dittos Cherie, what an informative column, thank you very much.

Deja Pseu said...

Ah Cherie, as always you anticipate and answer those fashion questions I hadn't yet thought to ask. Merci beaucoup!

J'adore the Chanel pearls, even with the goofy little logos. And that Cartier piece...fabulous! It must be spring as this femme's fancy is turning to bling!

Semi Expat said...

Cherie, Cherie - on top form as per usual!! I am so very pleased that I now have your official blessing and permission to purchase a mariniere top... I was holding back on this until I had the word from France - they are EVERYWHERE here again in Australia and I thought that with the seasons being so muddled ici they had somehow 'got it wrong'!! But mais non! Hooray...!
S-E x

A Refocused Life said...

Loved the post..and your insights. I noticed 'red lips' on the Golden Globes red carpet. But, your advice was right on - most people should find the color that works and stick with it.

Thanks for your comment on my post about the napkin rings. It's always fun to get your thoughts.

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