Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Edith et Moi: All Soldes Out

Do you recognize the woman on top of the heap? Nor do I.

I think it's me trying to go against type, i.e. attempting to look more French. (I know, I know. . .)

Let me explain: it's painful and embarrassing, but what can I do? That black sweater dress/tunic/whatever there was marked down 50,000 times and I thought: "Oh, for heaven's sake, just go for it." 

The little voice, that annoying little teller of truths, was whispering: "Are you out of your mind? You'll never wear it. You're not French. Can't you figure out another way to spend 20 Euros?" 

Apparently not.

That's my story. (As Jennifer over at The Daily Connoisseur would point out, my American kicked in and eclipsed whatever good French sense I've learned over the years.) The same M.O.: "Sale, sale? Did someone say, 'sale' -- where, where (?); here, take my money, no I'm not crazy about it, but it's 70 percent off, wrap it up."

In my defense, this is a look I love -- on other women. I own the gray and black striped jersey turtleneck and of course hundreds of pairs of black pants, so I was covered on those fronts and obviously I wanted my arms concealed. (Note length of sleeves on new purchase.)

But enough about me, if I do wear the get-up outside the house, I'll report back. Edith says I should, but then again she would. She's French and it would look terrific on her.

As of now we're finished with the sales. We've been to the bottom of all the boxes and baskets and there is nothing left except a few scarves which I bought en masse for moi meme and future gifts. Some are really, really special. I'll tell you about them some time. All were between 50 and 70 percent off the price I probably would have paid for them anyway, except I would have bought fewer -- at least that realization is very French.

These are our final markdown purchases:

1.) For Christmas I gave Edith a mauve silk and cashmere turtleneck, a color she has never before worn. She hasn't taken it off since. By chance she found the skirt shown with it here. Who knows how? Who knows where? She's French.

2.) Passing by Ventillo, Edith popped in and popped out with the body-caressing lace top embroidered with ribbon "accents." She says it's perfect with black jeans or an evening skirt. I believe her.

3.) My other huge purchase was the paper-thin wool scarf I'm wearing with my 20-year-old YSL jacket, another of my thousands of pairs of black pants and my Chanel ballerinas. The scarf, although you cannot discern the details from the license the artist took. . . is actually blue-gray with a -- this is killing me to say, but it was only five Euros -- leopard print in blue, light and dark gray. (When I handed over the five Euro bill I had visions of how absolutely green with envy Une Femme would be.)

Next week Edith and I plan to tell you what we would have bought, if we could have bought anything our little hearts desired. You won't want to miss this installment. 


Marsi said...

Well, I just love everything you two have gotten over the past month! You really ought to wear the tunic out in public and see what happens. If you indeed feel uncomfortable, pass it along to someone else. (You did say it'd look great on Edith.)

I can't believe you got a wool scarf like that for only 5 Euros. Une Femme is not the only one with envy! All of my favorite scarves are that tissue-weight cashmere or wool that you describe because they're unbelievably warm without being bulky. I think your blue leopard scarf might be the best purchase of les soldes! Brava!

Beautifully50 said...

Hi Tish - are you the artiste?? Amazing! Love the purchases, especially the blue leopard scarf. I don't care if they call me a cougar, I'm never letting go of my leopard. Ahhh ,, I'm not French, but my heart is there. I worked for Lancome and Dior in executive capacities for 15 years - got to know the French very well. All things French are fabulous.
I LOVE the thrill of finding that diamond in the rough..and you have to admit, some of those sales can get rough:) cindy

Lorrie said...

Your shopping over the past few weeks has been enthralling. Maybe January would be a good time to visit France!
I think the tunic look could be very attractive - give it a try!


~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Oh, Why not wear it around the house on week nights? It is so sweet. I love wearing vintage dresses but not often out in public. It makes me feel sweet and girly when I'm around the house working.

Deja Pseu said...

Oh yes, ENVY!!! I'll bet that scarf looks gorgeous on you. J'adore those tissue weight cashmeres and wools.

And I'd wear that top look (tunic) in a heartbeat...think you'd look fabulous in it!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Ah, your shopping adventures do get my heart a flutter...the scarf sounds amazing...waiting for more!

BigLittleWolf said...

Oh the 70% off dilemma! Que tu m'as fait rire ! What woman hasn't stubbed her toe (to more than the tune of 20 Euros) on that one!

And I might add, Ventillo, Ventillo, sweets under my pillow... I admit to a few things in my closet, the result of a little Marais shopping in the Vicinity of the Ventillo-zone. Lovely things, that I still adore.

Semi Expat said...

Great purchases.... And I love your tunic ensemble Tish - honestly believe me once you have worn this type of outfit once or twice you will LOVE the look I am sure... The scarf is to die for too - lucky you!
SE xx

Beadboard UpCountry said...

This is so funny you doing this post at just this time. I hit Rue Frances Bourgeois in the Marais with a vengence when the sales are in full swing. Because where I live in the US is a warm climate,I buy winter when I get over here!And I get different more stylized things for a song!!!!!When I get back home to the US, no one has anything like it.....Plus, it is fun, and you can stop for lunch and have foie gras and champagne... Go for it! Maryanne xo

Jacqueline said...

The sales have done you proud, Tish....and, have you been a little restrained this time ? I love your purchases and, of course, you have really saved yourself loads of money. That's the way I look at it !! XXXX

materfamilias said...

I'm trying my best to be happy for you both, rather than envious . . . trying, trying, not sure how successfully.
And I'm leaning more and more to making my next trip to Paris in January rather than the spring -- we can have that glass of wine AND you can point me in the best direction for les soldes!

Bonjour Madame said...

I think you are being too hard on yourself. The sales over there are few and rare and for whatever reason, determined by the government. I would have bought it too! Your sale emotion must go into overdrive due to deprivation!

Jeanne-Aelia said...

Great post! the shift is PERFECT. you MUST wear it. it will be great and the scarf; I love scarves. bought yet another yesterday. Tres bons achats!

Tish Jett said...

Marsi, cherie, Edith and I are not the same size. About the only things we could exchange are scarves and earrings.

Beautifully 50, no, unfortunately I am not the artist. Edith does all the drawings. I think many women are not planning to give up leopard any time soon.

I will, Lorrie, then I'll report back to you. Merci for your confidence.

Dear Ahrisha, Interesting you say that about wearing it at home. A recent French Elle magazine had an article about how "homewear," i.e. sweats, sloppy t-shirts and pajamas were ruining romance.

Merci D.P.: If I find another scarf, I'll pick one up for you. Now I'm feeling guilty.

Dear Hostess, Edith and I are just about finished. Next week we'll tell you what we would have bought at the sales if money were no object. These are items where money is ALWAYS an object.

Dear Sarah, I've seen pictures of you and can picture you in it. I'll try to project. Merci for the vote of confidence.

Oh, Maryanne, Champagne, fois gras and shopping, who could ask for anything more. Did you unearth lots of great finds? With your eye I'm sure you did.

Why, Jackie, merci. My ex-husband always said he had never seen anyone in his life spend so much money to save money. The rest is history.

Now, now Mater, you know next year you'll be here and a huge group of us will shop the soldes followed of course by proper libations.

Stephanie, You are so right. In order to mask markdowns throughout the year, the boutiques call them "promotions" -- I think it's hilarious. The only thing is you can't anticipate and act accordingly.

J-A: Of course you bought a scarf. You're French.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Great purchase Tish. I would dearly love to go to the sales with you and Edith. The tissue-weight scarves sound fantastic and very chic.

Let us know if you wear the tunic. I know it would look great on you, so go for it.

Struggler said...

I'd love to see you wear the tunic out, too.
One thing I'm guilty of is always looking "samey" and I know it's because I buy and wear the same old things.

Zanah said...

Great post & cute pics! :) Mon Mode Blog

Fearless Nester said...

I just found my way over here for the first time and already, I'm loving it here! -Lili

Joanna Jenkins said...

I think I'd have a great time shopping with you and Edith. And for the record, I could never pull off that first outfit no matter how fab it is :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did so I could meet you.

I will be back again soon!


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