Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sparkling Snow, Stunning Suggestions, Super Soldes

We need to talk. Don't you simply adore conversations beginning with those ominous words?

Generally speaking, I assume you feel as I do that my life is not so riveting that you want to know too many boring details. As we all know, mystery is the number one characteristic making French women the fascinating creatures they are -- not that I'm French or anything, but still I've learned a few tricks over the years. And the last thing I want to do is cause ennui.

This is the lead-up to a couple of explanations on why you will be seeing less of me for the moment. The reasons are:

1.) My daughter, whom I have not seen in 14 months arrives this Saturday for a week and we will be busy, busy, busy. (Of course I'll still be scouting, photographing and note-taking while we're out and about. Not to worry.)

2.) I'm working on a project -- I'll tell you later -- which I must finish tout de suite because a lot of people are counting on me, including those whom I love and love me who are on my case every five seconds asking how everything is progressing. (I'm getting to the point where I'm afraid to open e-mails or answer the telephone. Thank goodness none of these people lives near me.)

I, or Cherie, will be posting probably three times a week including the up-coming Transatlantic Parallel feature with Jeanne-Aelia (see Cherie above).

As you can see from the hedline (and, yes that's how we spell it in the "biz") you are now about to be treated to an all-over-the-place day. I have a feeling for the next few weeks you'll be seeing a lot of those kinds of days. I'll do my best to keep you entertained, plus Edith and I have some treats planned.

OK, here we go:

At the top a view from my window as I type this and the driveway I had to slither and slide down to get my hair "broomed" this morning (highlights). It snowed all night.

Stunning Suggestions:

Chanel's new spring nail polish colors. Everyone is jabbering on about the putty/taupe one on the left, "505 Particuliere." Coward that I am, I'll go for the other two. Hurry-up and finish your gray polish because it's OVER; do you hear me(?) OVER(!)

According to beauty articles everywhere, forget about gloss, use ChapStik or its equivalent on top of your lipstick -- it's supposedly more low-key, chic-er, whatever. Now that means I'll have to sandwich my lipstick between two coats of ChapStik. While researching twice mentioned product I discovered other uses for it of which you too may be unaware:

1.) Eyebrow tamer (mustache too, but let's not go there).
2.) Zipper slicker (?)
3.) Ring remover.
4.) My personal favorite: leather polish. 

Super Soldes:

Get some of these in some form or another from the markdown racks. Sequins, carefully chosen -- may I suggest a jacket, a T-shirt, as in the form of a T-shirt NOT a t-shirt with sequins, don't even think about it, a scarf. They're great investment pieces. Buy in classic style and let the sparkle do the rest. 

The jacket is by Dries Van Noten. If you can find some spiffy satin pants, grab 'em. They always come in handy.

Miscellaneous Nothing to Do With Anything:

This Lanvin plastron is the one I would love to own. However, when right beneath the picture one sees the words: "price on demand" that translates loosely something like, "not in this life."

Have you seen these? They're, as you can probably guess, gold Doc Martins. I'm just asking. I do know a woman of an age certain who would wear them in a heartbeat. Why I have no idea, she's just kooky that way and it works for her.


James said...

You scared me, I thought you had really bad news like you were going to stop blogging.I hope you opened my thank you email, glad you are well! Sounds like hectic times ahead,but what fun seeing your daughter! Looking forward to what ever you send our way.

JMW said...

Love the Chanel nail color! Good luck with finishing your project and enjoy your time with your daughter.

Mary said...

OMG - I luv the gold Doc Martens! I still wear my plain old dark brown pair occasionally when I am in a kick a** mode - or when my footsies are a bit chilly - doesn't happen much here in Central Fl. Looking forward to your posts this year!

metscan said...

So you have snow too! The scene is like a postcard, but personally I don´t like snow at all. Having to go outside every day and walking in the heavy snow bugs me. My make-up kit has only Chanel products. The colors are wonderful. Thanks for informing about the new colors! I wish you a wonderful time with your daughter!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

This blog is so delightful I could stay here all day!
The gold Doc's - oh, they bring back the memory of my most beautiful, most comfortable, and most expensive boots ever - gold, ankle height cowboy-style boots that I bought at Barney's. Sadly, they were in a suitcase that was stolen in Madrid...along with my flamenco gear. I'll never forget them!
Enjoy your visit with your daughter.
All the best,

The-Countrypolitan said...

Hmmm... my lips have been tres chic for some time with my chap stick over the lip stick... and I love the whole look on the runway shot

the gold doc martins will end up in the wrong hands (or I should say feet) and it will put a quick end to anyone's desire to own a pair...

Belle de Ville said...

Wow, you haven't seen your daughter in 14 months! How wonderful for you to see her again!

Marsi said...

Love all three of those Chanel polishes, by my brain absolutely refuses to budge out of winter mode. I cannot think of spring just yet.

Have you ever looked at J.Crew's necklaces online? They're rocking that Lanvin vibe for a tiny fraction of the price. Plus, I'll bet no one in Paris is wearing J.Crew, and that will make you "mysterious." ;o)

Check it out:

I don't find ChapStick nearly moisturizing or protective enough, but the smell of it absolutely sends me. I got it in my stocking every year at Christmas when I was a kid.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful about your upcoming visit from your daughter. You must be so excited.

Chemin des Muguets said...


Love your snow!
Daughters are special, so don't worry about us. We'll be right here when you return. Enjoy your family time-any shopping planned?



Jacqueline said...

Hi Tish,
The snow over there looks as thick as the snow here in London. I was driving in it yesterday or should I sa sliding in it !!! But... I LOVE it.
Oh, I've still got my original black Dr. Martens. They were the best. I think that I might dig them out. They would be great in this weather !!
I'm not buying the Chanel nail varnish. I think that it's the worst nail varnish that I've ever used. The quality is AWFUL. There, I've said it. I will get the equivalent colour from O.P.I. or Nails inc. or Leighton Denny. They all have that colour but, their product is far superior and they are a lot cheaper. Just a little fashion tip from your English buddy !!
I like the sound of the Chapstick and it has so many uses.
Enjoy your time with your daughter Tish. I bet you can't wait. Hurry back to full time blogging. XXXX

Deja Pseu said...

J'aime bien la neige tombe!! How did you do that???

I remember putty colored nail polish from my high school years (in fact, I think the color I had was actually called "Putty"). I thought I couldn't wear it well because my nails wouldn't grow long. But now, everyone wears every color and with short nails, so I may give it a shot. Or that pink one...

Have a marvellous time with your daughter!

knitpurl said...

Different computer, blog works. Hey Tish, enjoy next week thoroughly. Loved the snow pix, nice to know France and people living there get what we get too (lol). Not into Doc Martens, but I do have a penchant for Frye boots. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, we'll be here when you are.

LPC said...

Enjoy your daughter. Best wishes for the project. And your timing! I am just getting ready for a new toe color. That taupe is gorgeous. Wonder if I can find it at Saks in SF. Oh, and I still have my Doc Martens from the 80's. Yes I do. They are not, however, gold.

BigLittleWolf said...

The snow is lovely, but the sales are lovelier! Might I twitch my nose à la Bewitched and transport myself?

ELS said...

My brown leather DMs did me proud for almost a decade. So lovely to have your girl home - amusez-vous bien!

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

14 mois? Tish, you must be beyond yourself! I see my sons much less often than I wish and I find it so painful! profitez des soldes et de chacune toutes les deux, and don't worry about the blog, pas une seule seconde! putty nail polish, not really, Doc martens of any color, surement pas pour moi, chapstick, tous les jours (not enough lip for lipstick, sadly) a bientot.

BonjourRomance said...


I'm am so happy for you that you will be able to spend some time with your daughter. Will be here waiting when you get back. Bonne chance on your project - it's sure to be a success whatever it may be.

Added chapstick to my shopping list, I use to use it all the time and the shoe polish tip I'll use!
a bientôt!

dancing doc said...

yes, the gold doc martens would make a splash in the snow! and are not the soldes the best time to visit? Do have a blast with your daughter and yes, i look forward to your photos!

I think I prefer the pink shade for the Chanel nail polish- a bit more classic. and eegads, I noticed my mascara going on with a slight tendency to glob---now on my to buy list - could not help giggling at your advice as I brushed said glob out:)
enjoy the snow!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Enjoy your snow and your daughter. I know you'll have a great time catching up. Definitely the Doc Martens are not for me. My husband would die laughing if I wore those, but I can image they would look chic with the right outfit on the right person.
A bientot to you and Cherie,

Barb said...

Enjoy your time with your daughter.
That week will fly by.

Love the new spring Chanel collection, so feminine. Their polish wears really well.


Bonjour Madame said...

I love all three Chanel nail colors! Have a wonderful time with your daughter.

Natalie said...

Have a great time this week! I'm completely jealous, and want to hide in her valise.

Queen "B" said...

I really enjoyed my visit...I look forward to my next visit too!
Hoping your current Adventures turn out Smashingly Fabulous
New Year Wishes from across the sea

EntertainingMom said...


Have a great time with your daughter... can't wait to hear what you are working on!

Shelley said...

Boy, are you getting popular these days! And well deserved, I must add. Family comes first, especially a daughter you've not seen in SO long! Look forward to whatever is in store -- I'm sure it will be wonderful!.

I'm just an old foggie, me. I don't wear coloured nail polish as I don't like my hands that much and can't be bothered to keep it neat. I stick with clear to very pale shades and keep the bold colours for my toenails (so I'm not quite that old a foggie, hmmm).

Can't say I like the texture of Chap-stick, but I love, love, love, new uses for old things -- leather polish indeed!

Love my boots, but haven't done Doc Martens. I wouldn't say never to them, mind, especially as they were originally designed to be good to walk in. A long skirt, a pair of DMs and a hat of some kind is nearly a uniform of sorts over here in England. However, I think I might go for red or purple, as in the poem, rather than gold.

Enjoy your time with your daughter!

BigLittleWolf said...

You realize, chère Tish, that some of us rather like "all over the place." And isn't that also quite French?

J'espère que tout va bien...

Lily Lemontree said...

I will be on the lookout for any posts you can send our way!
Have a lovely week with your daughter!

Cathi said...

Have a great time with your daughter and finishing up your project! Happy weekend to you! :)

A Refocused Life said...

Take time and enjoy every minute of your time with your daughter.

Style Artisan said...

I am so glad that you stopped by my blog yesterday and thanks for the nice comment.

I love your blog and I have just started following it. Looking forward to lots of fun, stylish posts!

BTW...Enjoy your time with your daughter. There is nothing more precious!

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

You are everything delightful even if you are calling for the death of my gray polish. My cousins are weeping at the snow in Spain I simply can't feel bad for them.
You take care.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Have a wonderful time with your daughter! And good luck on the project :)

She Writes said...

Isn't it crazy how we find some woman can pull of the funkies things, just because of who they are? I'd like the woman who could wear those boot, and I'd be silly in them!

Semi Expat said...

Sorry this comment is rather late but I just wanted to say hope you have a simple wonderful time with your daughter - how lovely!!
(and can't wait for your new project - exciting!)

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