Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spreading L'Amour et Les Remerciements

Lily Lemontree, I could go into rhapsodies over her and her blog: her aesthetic, her crusade for good manners, letter writing, thank you notes and all the gentle gestures that make our lives richer and more beautiful. She knows all about kindness, thoughtfulness and the joy they can bring.  That is why I am particularly honored she chose to give me these awards.

Dearest Lily, thank you, thank you, thank you and merci aussi

These are the rules of the game: the recipient must divulge 10 aspects of her/his life and/or personality; the giver should mention the person who bestowed the award (please re-read above) the receiver then passes, in this case two awards -- very generous, dear Lily -- on to 15 blogs she loves and finally we must notify the new "winners."

Sometimes I fear I have nothing more to tell you or that you may nod off, but here goes. . .

1.) I absolutely hate it when someone tells me what I think. (Can't they just wait a second for me to tell them myself.) I'm not asking for agreement, just patience -- and please don't assume I'm that predictable.

2.) I could eat cherries until I fall over in a stupor.

3.) I'm an only child.

4.) My mother was 45 when I was born and originally I was diagnosed as a tumor. When the "tumor" started kicking the doctor reassessed his first opinion and predicted I would be born at the end of February. I was born on April 25th.

5.) Roger Vadim invited me to dinner followed by dancing at Regine's in Paris. 

6.) At one point things weren't going according to plan when we first moved to France -- on a personal level that is; they were going swimmingly professionally -- a great friend offered me two airline tickets back to New York and a very glamorous job in retailing.

7.) I had seven years of piano lessons and cannot play one note today.

8.) Over the years I've been stopped on the street, in restaurants, the post office, you name it by complete strangers who think I look like someone else. When I deny their assumption, they either argue that I don't know who I am or say, "well surely people tell you you look like her all the time don't they?"

9.) When I was 10 I had my portrait painted, twice: once for my parents, the second time for an uncle. The artist stuffed me with chocolates so I wouldn't squirm and when she finished the commissions she announced she would never paint another child as long as she lived.

10.) I'm not allergic to anything. At least I don't think I am.

And now. . . My nominees for blogs I cannot live without: If you don't already know them, do visit you'll be glad you did. I would like to add there are more on my favorites' list. I have not forgotten you and I have something coming up soon.

Et Voila. . .


BigLittleWolf said...

Cherries and Vadim. What a delightful combination. Oh, you doll, you!

Jacqueline said...

Loved hearing more about you, Tish. A date with Roger and the fact that you were mistaken for a tumour !!.... but, and I'm sure that I speak for every other reader of your blog, we would all love to know who it is that you are often mistaken for ?....and is it flattering ?!! XXXX

James said...

A delight to learn more about you. I'll say it again you are a fascinating woman. I totally agree about Lily, a truly classy lady.

Marsi said...

Lol at the fact that you were initially diagnosed as a tumor. Now, whenever I see this ...


... I will think of you!

And just think: Vadim came so close to writing "Bardot Deneuve Fonda Jett." Tant pis pour lui!

Amusing as always, Tish!


JMW said...

Tish, you are so sweet! I loved learning more about you in today's post.

Thank you for honoring me with an award. I will have to come up with something dazzling to make up, I mean, say, about myself. ;)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Bless you, Tish Jett! Fabuleux, dahlink - big airkiss, "Mwah!"

Seriously, you've met Roger Vadim - Incroyable, spill les haricots, ma cherie svp?!

Thank you for following my blog and hanging around with me, making me look far more sophisticated than I am in real life...

I wish I were one quarter as wonderful and as talented as you are! I love your blogs, your writing and images, oh and those 'to die for' pearls! Many, many thanks...

Fhina x

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

All right Letitia, here it is: 1)you are making me very VERY happy and very VERY honored to be nominated by you, Letitia, whose sense of humour generous attitude and fabulous blog makes me push myself a little more each day.
2) you are making me very VERY nervous, you, Letitia, who can come up with ten (DIX)! comments about yourself and come out, of course, funny but not silly, modest but not demure, glamorous but not in a bragging way, let's see...GENIALE. oh, dear, now it's my turn? aie aie aie! bon, j'y vais...MERCI MERCI ma tres chere amie virtuelle. MERCI pour le cadeau!

Lily Lemontree said...

Tish, your words are too kind! Love your list, always adore learning new things about you my friend, you never cease to amaze and entertain me. It has been my absolute pleasure to learn more and more about you with each post, you must be one of the most fascinating people I know!
Sending you all my love!!
Lily (AS)

metscan said...

Oh my, and I thought I would receive a bunny! I´m wordless and really, really grateful to be chosen by YOU! Thank you ever so much!/m

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Roger Vadim...wow. You must tell us - did you go to dinner with him?

I took piano lessons for eleven years and I can't play either.

Your posts keep getting more and more interesting.

Renee said...

Who is it you are mistaken for????

Belle Vie said...

Dear Tish,
thank you so very much for the lovely blog awards ~ you are a doll! I truly appreciate them!
Your blog is Très Magnifique!
I added you to my bloglist.

Style Artisan said...

It sounds like your mother needed a different doctor!

And who do people say you look like? Pray tell!

Congrats on your award!

Semi Expat said...

Love hearing all your secrets.... but you know what we will all want to know WHO is it that they all say you are like?!!
And may I say a huge THANK YOU dear Tish for spreading L'Amour my way.. am very honoured to be a recipient of an award from you and your special and most loved blog.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I really enjoyed learning more about you. Number 9 had me in hysterics! Congratulations on your well-deserved award.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

A tumor? Oh my...your mother at 45 must have been over the moon with excitement!
I for one want to know who you get mistaken for??? Please tell...
Roger Vadim, how wild is that!

Trouvais said...

Hi Tish. My mother has cherry orchards. Every year around my birthday I used to wear cherries over my ears (the double stems). Enough for a long term friendship. That and your stories about Roger Vadim, et al. Congratulations and Merci! Trish

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my dearest,

I am so touched and so delighted that you won an award and to learn that you too, like myself are an only child! For me, it was the reverse; my father was 54 when I was born and he and my mom were 20 years apart!!! The rest is history. Lovely, wonderful post and I am so honored that you enjoy my blog. I likewise, ADORE YOU!!!!!!

MERCI and your stories are well executed, beautifully displayed and you just can't go wrong with France as your backdrop!!

Bisous ma belle, Anita

Annabel Manners said...

Hi there, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm so glad you're reading, and I'm delighted to discover yours, too!

Tish Jett said...

Thank you all for your kind, kind comments.

Regarding who I look like? It's actually several different women. It's truly bizarre. It can depend upon what country I'm in or whether it's a chi-chi restaurant or on the street or what age I was or am. There are about eight I'm mistaken for.

I feel as if I'm getting myself deeper and deeper into this saga. Without naming names, I'll answer Jackie by saying, yes, I'm always flattered. And I would like to add, I do not see the resemblance myself.

I think the common thread is they are all blondes.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Thank you for this kind and generous gesture. You made my day even better! And as I am on vacation, this is an enormous compliment ;) xx MM

EntertainingMom said...

Merci! I have just come across this... we have so many similarities. I too am an only child. I took 6 years of piano an cannot play a single note. There was this cherry orchard in Cannes next to my grandmother's... and we'd go in the late afternoons... I remember the wooden buckets and the wooden ladders. And feeling so very, very ill after-wards!

I love learning about fellow bloggers and had so much fun reading about you! I am also touched to be a recipient amongst such wonderful ladies!

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