Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Yes, that's right, it's time for a Pot Pourri (!!!!!

I'm so excited I don't know where to begin. I've got it, let's start with bleu. Not your everyday, navy or baby, but electric.

Shocking Bleu

Let's say you're not a pink person -- as you may recall at this same place last week we discussed rosy, rosy hues as it colors for spring and summer. As luck would have it, alternatives abound. The trend also embraces a new blue hue that has "classic" written all over it. Remember when it appears models have forgotten their skirts or trousers, the petite oversight translates into a tunic for us. 

All the blues from Lacoste without an alligator in sight.

The Return of the American Indian

As far as I'm concerned turquoise mixed with any other gem, and coral any way it's served up are perennially perfect. You can see above Kenneth Jay Lane decided he likes sophisticated feathers interpreted in rhinestone earrings and a turquoise encrusted pendant. Pourquoi pas?  

But of course this wouldn't be a trend if it didn't veer off into artsy-craftsy territory. Basically there's something out there for everyone. If you already own something similar, pull it out now.

The delicate feather in yellow gold with the tip "dipped" in pink gold is by Landstrom's Black Hills, the manchette is by Harpo and the I-really-want-them earrings are by Saiki.

Imagination Required

OK, you've got your Gummy Bears. Now concentrate please: Pretend they are packaged like pills in air-sealed plackets -- clear plastic on one side, aluminum foil on the other -- (are you with me?), now imagine the Gummy Bears are encased in this packaging. You can see them peeking out from the transparent bump beds where they're resting.

Your question might quite logically be: "And what might be the purpose of this product?"

Excellent question: They are recommended for use when a child has a "bo-bo" -- a little spill, a tiny bruise, a bad day -- you pop out a Gummy Bear while you pop out a Xanax or similar remedy for yourself.

Isn't that clever? Nothing like teaching children early on there's a pill for everything even if it comes in the form of one of those disgusting stick-in-your-teeth bonbons. (I'm waiting for the backlash. I know lots of adults who love them.)

Your Secret Garden

If you're an avid gardner and detest interruptions as you muck about, I think I may have found the perfect outer wear for you.

A flower print jumpsuit from the spring/summer Agnes b. ready-to-wear collection.

I see it as floral camouflage. Accessorize with green gloves. When you hear rustling in the bushes don't move. Just see if anyone -- other than a dog -- can find you. 


Clarity said...

Dear Tish,

Adore blue and like the first two outfits (sans 80's jeans: still not big on the baggy, prepare flares if retro)

Just saw your beautiful message, thank you and for going to her page and reading it, I was in two minds writing about my friend and even saying I love you about her, but your response and others' really touched me, xxx.

Morgane said...

I'm totally is this electric blue and i found the perfect bag in this vibrant color ( see my blog in older posts) ! I'm also in search of a "plume" ( feather?) necklace ! We seem to be in a similar fashion mood!
The bear gums are frightening ! aghhh mon dieu or how to make your children addicts to pills ! lol ! WHO? ON EARTH , can have such toxic ideas !

Shelley said...

I think they call it petrol blue over here in England - or maybe that was back in the 80s, I'm not sure. Pleased to hear the Native American jewellery is back in (turquoise, of course, being the in colour). Inherited a shed load from my Aunt, a dramatic dresser from Oklahoma with a husband who loves New Mexico and Arizona. My challenge is to find pieces that I can wear as a petite person...

Duchesse said...

The Ken Lane pieces shown are Indian or Persian themed. Though feathers, especially eagle, are a recurring motif for Southwestern native American pieces, peacock feathers are typical of India (remember the Peacock Throne?) Native American designs also would not have pearls, which provide a splendid excuse to buy both varieties of feather-themed jewelry. Great choices!

What would you call that blue, Tish? Such a strong hue.

Jacqueline said...

Oh Tish,
I'm so pleased to hear that blue is the colour of the moment. I just bought a blue dress. Not quite the electric blue that you have shown but, this is a great departure for me from my usual black !!!!
I love feathers in jewellery. I have a bracelet with two feathers of different sizes hanging from it, and turquoise and coral just scream summer to me. XXXX

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Tish! Great post....and I love the baggy jeans on the woman. I wear the trendy jeans but what looks best on me are the baggy kind. It is nice to see that these are on the catwalk!

LOVELY as always, Anita

Marsi said...

I don't like the idea of making medicine or vitamins for kids that resembles candy. Terrible idea, frankly.

Living in the American West, all things cowboy or Indian fail to captivate me one iota. Feather earrings are always a massive fail, in my opinion.

You have no idea how happy your comment about electric blue makes me!


aaonce said...

Hooray for blue (electric or otherwise)!

Deja Pseu said...

Tish, that's *your* blue. I hope you stock up.

Ugh for the gummy bears. In whatever packaging.

Double ugh for that jumpsuit. Didn't we learn our lesson the first time around? ;-) Though I suppose like mechanic's coveralls, it might be functional for keeping the schmutz off the clothing. Just don't drink a lot of lemonade.

LPC said...

No gummies thank you. Electric blue and Native American motifs return me directly to the 1980's, to Dynasty, and to Dances with Wolves....

BigLittleWolf said...

I don't care for pink (a very certain hot pink or coral... okay...) but I'm feeling those blues! Beautiful tones, attractive on most women. A wonderful option.

Merci, Tish!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Now that's a colour I can wear! I adore that shade of blue. Does wonders for the eyes.

Gummy bears, I like. But only the red ones. Why?

JMW said...

Love the blue hues - my favorite color!

myletterstoemily said...

hilarious! if i wore that outfit
to garden, my family would
never let me back into the

love the blue and the turquoise
jewelry. i splurged on some gold
and turquoise last season and am
so happy it is still in fashion.

i am not a happy fly-er but have
to do a lot of it, and gummy bears
ARE like tranquilizers for me. :)

La Belette Rouge said...

The feathers are so beautiful. And, I just started wearing some electric blue and I am loving it. I am not a pink gal. Blue is much more my hue.

That Girl said...

i am passing on the i love blog award. you may pick it up at http://thatgirlsbathandbody.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-awards.html

tiffany said...

Yves Klein blue, I think http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Klein_Blue
If only I could wear it ...

knitpurl said...

Yea, blue! Love the ensembles. Agree with Duchesse on the KJL jewels. I love many KJL pieces for their boldness and own a few. Also agree with Marsi on a pass for me too on those choices. I've traveled to the west and southwest of the States frequently in my life to be immune to the local jewels, however beautifully executed.

Now that blue, yummy, will hunt for it here in AZ and hope it's reached Wisconsin (ha!) when I return.

PS to Marsi, good luck and safe driving in all that snow!
xoxo, Carole

muummmmeeeeee...... said...

Love that blue but only with a deep golden tan!

The gardening jump suit at the end is truly glorious provided you're Margot from the Good Life - on anyone else I think you'd be sectioned!

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