Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

You know by now de temps en temps Cherie tends to exaggerate, which has absolutely nothing to do with stretching the truth. 

It's a simple creative penchant toward embellishment, a gift with which Cherie was blessed at birth. 

This is no exaggeration: Last week, on this very day, after Cherie's brooming appointment, followed by an entirely new, never been tried before haircut -- well, quite frankly, Cherie has fallen in love with herself all over again. Even You-Know-Who was amazed by the aureole of beauty radiating from the blonder than baby blonde tresses, the wispy, sensuous cut -- the new, improved, more exquisite than ever Cherie. 

Really, everyone is excited. The color and the cut resemble that of Ellen Barkin pictured here. Cherie does not look like Ellen, except perhaps for her body (ahem).

Why is Cherie seemingly prattling on about herself? (Beyond the fact it is her favorite subject that is?) It is because when Cherie plays, Cherie works. Cherie works for all of us.

While sitting beneath the magic hands of Sarah, followed later by Estelle's lightening scissors, boredom was beginning to set in. Even though Cherie is a natural blonde, we're talking about pumping it up several notches. That takes time.

But Cherie digresses -- what's new (?) -- after perusing Gala and all the other important literary magazines always available in hair salons while waiting for the highlights to cook, this is what was going on inside Cherie's head: What can these brilliant people share that we can add to our beauty routines?

Cherie doesn't know whether blondes have more fun, but things have definitely picked up in the last few days.

In an impromptu Q & A, Cherie discovered the following hair care secrets to extend the life of one's color plus a few tricks to boost the shine. (It's a lot of work, but you know how it is maintenance, maintenance, maintenance -- because we're worth it. . .)

1.) Two shampoos a week is plenty unless one has been exercising, for the latter a rinse might do the trick.

2.) Always two shampoos with only a nickel size dose of product mixed in the hand with warm water.

3.) The first shampoo should be specifically formulated for colored hair, but a neutral shampoo not one targeted for blonde hair. (This rule applies to blondes only apparently.)

4.) Blondes, especially with highlights, should never use shampoos created for blonde hair -- it turns it yellowish. That includes chamomile. 

5.) A tip for blondes and those who have dared the all white decision: A month or so after the color, the second shampoo should be violet to banish the yellow, for naturally white hair the violet should routinely replace the second shampoo.

6.) A leave-in or rinse out conditioner should be used at every shampoo, carefully keeping the product away from the scalp and roots of the hair.

7.) Products do not need to be expensive, just read labels. 

8.) When one bottle of shampoo is finished, change the brand. That works out to about four different types per year.

9.) A final rinse which guarantees sheen is a homemade remedy: one bottle of water with low calcium content into which four capfuls (or is it caps-full?) of white wine vinegar have been added, shake and save. One bottle equals three rinses.

10.) Masques are vital. The longer they stay on the hair the better. Sarah recommends twice a month and if you sleep with it coating your hair all the better.

Et voila.

Painting by Degas (of course)

Now to your questions

Q: Mme. B:  Dear Cherie, Have you made any radical fashion discoveries you would like to share with us?

A: Dear Mme. B, Cherie is delighted you asked. In fact she stumbled upon some earth-shaking news while You-Know-Who was on one of her "out and about" harassment hunts wherein she decided she will do a future post on the shoes on the feet of the women in the street. 

Anyway, sometimes it's amusing to watch her. Last week while snapping shoes, Babette, who owns several boutiques, admitted her ballerinas were not Repetto. Cherie leapt to her feet -- clad in John Galliano ballerinas btw -- to get more info on the subject.

Here's the scoop: Just like Repetto's origins as ballet slippers for dancers, there also exist an Italian company, Anniel, which Babette is wearing above and an English company, Bloch, (pictured) with the same pedigree. She sells all of the brands in her chic boutique. 

You-Know-Who snapped the pix for Cherie. The never-throw-away box is from Anniel. Both brands are slightly less expensive than Repetto and reportedly tres comfortable.

Q: Mme. D:  Dear, dear Cherie, I know you love your champagne and you no doubt have exquisite antique silver buckets to hold the once opened bottles, but I've heard Veuve Clicquot has come up with a funny new product that might be perfect for a picnic for example. True or false?

A: My dear Mme. D, It is oh-so-true. It's the Veuve Cliquot Fridge with a quirky vintage feel which keeps your champagne cool for two hours.  Let's not say it's chic, but it is amusing. Cherie likes to have fun just as much as anyone else. For a mere 42 Euros (not counting the bottle, unfortunately) why not? It's re-useable.


PRISCILLA MAE et al (Meg Mitchell) said...

Great info on hair products and care. Best I've ever read. And to think I got to this age and missed this along the way!

JMW said...

I love Ellen Barkin's hairstyle! If I grow my hair back into a bob, that's the look I'd go for. Great choice! Love the ballet flats as well. You can never go wrong with that fashion statement.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh Cherie - even this old blond learned something new. I love the new look. Wish oh wish I could find a good salon here. That's very much the look I went into the last salon for & walked out with the back tapered up after saying a 'blunt' bob please..I needed bottle of Veuve Clicquot after that!

Great advice my dear, many thanks x

knitpurl said...

Merci on all the blonde tips. It's summer and what fun to go lighter. One does feel younger and definitely appear younger too.

Duchesse said...

Cherie is no doubt unamused by blonde jokes. But consider that your hair grows about a half inch per month, or (wait for it, Cherie) at least six inches per year. Why does the shampoo need to change when the hair does?

I deeply admire a really beautiful blonde colour job.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Congratulations on the new hair cut and that you are reinventing yourself.
A litlle more bounce in your ballerinas as you navigate the boulevards of France!

LuxeBytes said...

Oh, this is all fantastic! And well timed, as I have my own half-day follicular overhaul scheduled for next Friday.

That Cliquot mini-fridge is too much!

xoxox --

Shelley said...

Perhaps one day Cherie will tell us about other than blonde hair care. Some of us were blonde all our lives, got bored with it (been there, done that)and went on to a very sexy auburn. One hates to think what vinegar might do to auburn coloured hair. Any tips?

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