Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Whatever I Have to Tell You

Rather long, a smidge overblown and a tad pretentious, but it seemed my pot-pourri themed posts needed a fresh headline. I profoundly regret I have no rants on the agenda, I'll leave that to Cherie, it's her specialty. Here's hoping today's line up of news and views will entertain. 

Immediately after I hit the "Publish Post," I'm heading into Paris to scan the streets for Friday's Out & About feature and then I intend to buy two products to be discussed below.

Hair There Too

For the last two weeks I have regaled you with the glam gowns of the women strutting down the red carpet at the 63rd Festival de Cannes. Today I thought you might enjoy seeing some head shots that give you an up-close and personal look at their hair styles and makeup -- the jewelry is not bad either. No comments will accompany the pictures on my side, you're on your own. You will notice two styles seem to prevail, short and gamine-like and a variety of variations on the chignon. (Those trends were true throughout the ages.)

From the top: Kristin Scott Thomas, Juliette Binoche, Judith Godreche, Emmanuelle Beart and Clotilde Courau.

Brigitte Bardot Returns. . .

Lancel has designed a new sac with all the hoopla of a zillion Euro, star-studded film no one could ever imagine could exit.

For the moment there is more publicity for the publicity than for the actual object, though what little I've seen of it and you see here ("borrowed" from La Parisienne) the sac "Brigitte Bardot" does look intriguing. 

Perhaps most interesting of all is the reality that Brigitte Bardot, who has allowed nature to take its course on her exquisite face and body, still represents the ultimate aura of freshness, freedom and the femme/infant sex appeal that she radiated 50 years ago.

It Curls, It Colors, It Cutivates

I've got to have it. Talika, the famous product on a mascara brush which makes eyelashes grow -- it really does, tested and approved chez moi -- has introduced a new magic wand. This one promises to do what the first one did, i.e. provoke the growth of long, lush lashes, but also in the application process it curls and naturally tints the new beauties. The color has to do with melanin and the curl some poly-something. I don't understand, but I don't care. It's called Lipocils Expert and I want it. 

The melanin works sort of like an auto-bronzer product (?)

I will not leave Paris today without it. For all of the above to work, one must be patient for a month. I'll keep you posted -- in both senses of the word.

The other product I tried to find last week, but the Sephora in Neuilly didn't have it, is Karl Lagerfeld's beauty secret for puffy eyes. That too I shall search and find.


Deja Pseu said...

I'm doubtful that lash product would ever be available here, or at least not without a prescription. We have that Latisse product, but it comes with all kinds of warnings that it can change the color of your eyes, so I haven't been inclined to try it. Love those gamine hairstyles, but je pense que my gamine days are over.

James said...

I have adored Ms Thomas since "The English Patient". To me she is British woman personified.I hope your shopping trip is successful,Good hunting!

Jacqueline said...

Oooo, Tish,
So much to talk about.... I love Brigette Bardot and thought that she was soooo beautiful when she was young, but love the fact that she has aged natually.
The celebs that you have shown all look great with short hair but they are all very beautiful and have such wonderful elfin faces that short hair suits. I wouldn't be brave enough and, as I've had long hair all of my life, I don't think that I will be cutting it off now !!
I have been using Talika for about 5 years and it definitely works. I started with the 'mascara' applicator one but have recently used the cream in the little blue pot and find it even better.Like you said though, it takes about a month to see any improvement so one has to be patient. I don't think that I've seen this new curling and tinting one so, it's off to the Talika web site for me !!!! XXXX

metscan said...

Fine, that the women are all mature ladies. I noticed, that everyone has colored their hair. Almost everyone has a hairstyle, that goes up, not down with the natural gravity. The first woman appeals to me too. She is charming!
I used to wear Talika mascara in my youth, but then suddenly my eyelids reacted to something used in the formula. I have never earlier or since experienced something similar. But that was ages ago. Perhaps the new Talika is different.

knitpurl said...

Hope you are having a jolly time in Paris. For any US readers, I found both products mentioned above at Sephora.com with free shipping too.

Short hair has reached my Aveda salon. I love my new shorter hair, just cut yesterday -- bring on the heat and humidity! xo, C.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I can swear by the Benefit de-puffer! In fact, I wrote about it myself last week. Had no idea Karl and I had something so personal in common! You must get it. And keep it in the fridge. Marvelous!

Yikes. I did not even recognize Emmanuelle Beart. Why oh why would someone with a face like the one she had....

Kim said...

I love your title for this post...it is sooo you! My favorite actress is Juliette Binoche...but I don't like her hair like that...however I love everything she's in!
Love the aging naturally thing...my God, what have some of these people done to themselves...they look like ventriloquist dummies! Hoorah for Ms. Bardot!

Belle de Ville said...

I have never figured out what the fascination is with short hair in France. I wonder if the short cuts make women of a certain age feel that they look more gamine or is it a matter of practicality?

The jewelry is really fabulous, especially that diamond necklace.

Duchesse said...

I prefer Juliette's necklace, Belle, b/c I perceive it's real. The celebration is reserved for dewy youth (Carey Mulligan) or elderly icons (Bardot, Gena Rowlands) but I see many women 40-50ish in an absolute snit, full of injections and buying any product that promises to help them hang on to a memory of dewiness.

One day. may fully-grown women stop this grasping and inhabit the full power of their age. (I am 62 next month.) There are many things in life scarier than a wrinkle/

knitpurl said...

Amen Duchesse! I agree with your thoughts. (And I wish I were only 62, you lucky lady.)

Belle de Ville - personally I have always looked better in medium to short hair lengths. With summer coming, where I live short is better unless one lives an air-conditioned existence 24/7. C.

LuxeBytes said...

Beart has become tragique. I can't even look anymore.

Dying to hear your take on the new products you're test-driving. I was at Sephora last weekend, stood in front of the Benefit display, and asking myself, "Damn, now what was I going to look for?" It never came to me.

xoxox --

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