Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ooooops, No Vacances Pour Moi Meme

Let me explain. In yesterday's post, which clearly I didn't properly detail, I said Jeanne-Aelia and I were taking a vacation from our collaboration, i.e. "Transatlantic Parallel" to which we will return at rentrée time in Paris -- somewhere around the beginning of September.

A petit clarifier however. I will be posting somewhat irregularly -- it will depend, but I'll keep you au courant. As I mentioned some time ago, I have been working on a PROJECT and now I really, really have to be serious about working on the PROJECT because some people are not happy with me at all. Therefore I must take time away from my beloved blog.

Today for your entertainment, a few things I think are ummmm, unusual in some cases, some things I wouldn't mind owning, one thing I would return if it were given to me and a $$$$ shocker.

1.) Here's my thinking on these Bottega Veneta woven bags: expensive, yes; worth it probably, year 'round absolutely. They replace every bag one could own. The signature woven design is perfect summer, winter, spring and fall.

2.) The shocker, though I didn't realize it at first, is this Bottega Veneta tote in crocodile, 55,000 Euros. I mean really. More expensive than a car?

3.) What do you think about the "New Wave" nail color? It's a rhetorical question. (It just about matches the bottom of Edith's pool, which I'm not allowed to enter for a couple of weeks. Woe is me.)

4.) I'm having a big crush on jewelry by Francesca Romana Diana. She did some gorgeous necklaces that look like quarter-size slices of semi-precious stones -- aquamarine, citrine, topaz and others hanging off of flat chains. Very pretty in multiples.

5.) Words cannot begin to express how much I hate these sabots, whatchamacallits that are so hot right now. And these are from Chanel if you can believe it. I choose not to believe it.

6.) And since it's time pour les vacances, look (!) at these accessories for first class travel. Tucked into matching bags, fold-up slippers and eye-masks from Lanvin for the ultimate in status comfort. They cost $295, about the price of a one-way ticket, Paris/New York in economy, but who's counting? When it comes to fun, who cares about funds. N'est-ce pas?


Julienne said...

Just off to buy the bottega veneta crocodile bag....and....I wonder.. .....perhaps... my daughters would like one each for Christmas!!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Hi there Tish,
Love the summery bags ..... the croc.one being slightly out of my league !!....also hate the shoes....the jewellery is lovely and, I will miss you while you are away. Hurry back. XXXX

Tabitha said...

I really like the Chanel clogs but hate the nail varnish - their "in" colours are awful but a resounding success of a £10 entry level buy for the marketing department.

Good luck with project, knuckle down!

Duchesse said...

The BV bags would not work in Canada in the winter- perhaps in Europe, but woven is not really wintry.

Good luck with your project!

deb said...

It's sad when PROJECTS cut into our free time. Good luck and we'll be waiting (not patiently, I'm afraid) for your return to regular programming.

I agree about the Chanel shoes - OY! a bit much. Love the blue nail color - based on some previous posts here, I've gone out and bought a lovely shade of gray polish!

Sadly, I need a new car, so will have to pass on the lovely bag.


I hope they only made ONE of thos croc bags! Indeed. Love the bracelets. Clogs like that are just as hideous from Chanel as from Target. xx's

knitpurl said...

The best of everything in completing your PROJECT, Tish. You will be successful I just know it.

I am a winter clog fan, but not the Chanel's with that platform. The blue polish is a fun summer toe polish, love to try the weird colors. It does cheer me up in this hot humid climate. That jewelry -wow-, beautiful. The Bottega Veneta totes look interesting. As Duchesse wrote, I also don't think they'd pass muster here in the northern States during winter. Lots of good wishes and hugs for your recovery and completing your PROJECT. xoxoxo

metscan said...

The woven crocodile tote is wonderful! But SO out of reach.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Love the BV bag...but what a hefty price!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

That bag is divine! I love that Chanel nail polish, I have it!

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