Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

The minute, no the second, this post is written Cherie is off to Quiberon, the famous Brittany thalasso spa, for some detox and decompression.

This vacation business -- Saint-Tropez, Cap Ferret, Deauville and the regrets for invitations to Sardina, Portofino and Ibiza -- well you can imagine, Cherie is exhausted. Her face hurts from smiling and even she is forced to admit: too much champagne is too much champagne. 

It's time for fresh ocean air -- lots of deeeeep breathing to get those precious iodes, or whatever, into the system and plenty of water, inside and outside the body. Lots of hosing down of high-pressure waters and sublime, warm seaweed wraps. Cherie needs R&R.

Cherie is in a rush, so let's get to your questions so she can get on her way to redemption.

Q: Mme. S, Dear Cherie, While you were in Saint-Tropez did you drink any of that new champagne from Moët et Chandon which has been "formulated" (or how ever the marketing department explains it) to be drunk "on the rocks?"

A: Dear Mme. S, You must be joking. Cherie ordered her usual Krug millésimé. (She didn't pay for it, but she ordered it.) The Moët et Chandon is a kitchy/cute summer cocktail supposedly created to be consumed in the piscine, on the beach, etcRemember, Cherie doesn't do cute in any of its manifestations.

Q: Mme. G, Dear, dear Cherie, Have you seen the a-dor-able children's clothes all the designers -- Marc Jacobs, Kenzo and Paul Smith among them -- are turning out these days? It makes one either wish she could wear them herself or she had a few children. 

A: Dear Mme. G, Get a grip. If one tries to stay on top of fashion through the magazines it is inevitable that one stumbles across children's clothes in this frenzied back-to-school moment one must endure every year. Yes, of course, Cherie has seen them, but let's be perfectly clear, You-Know-Who thinks children are a-dor-able, but Cherie does not. They are nothing but wrinkle causing problems, no matter how cute they are. Remember, Cherie doesn't do cute.

That's what nannies were created for, to raise other people's children. In that case it might be fun to dress them up. Cherie thinks she could take a child for a short walk in this little red coat from Bonpoint.

Q: Mme. B, Dear Cherie, We all know you have that enviable combination of exquisite taste and infinite means. Many of the rest of us do not. That is why we turn to you. In your infinite wisdom, do you think you could find one accessory that is priced within our budgets that you yourself would consider owning? 

A: Dear Mme. B, Merci. You're in luck. Cherie stumbled upon this sac which on first glance she thought, hmmm Chanel (?), but no it's from Asos, it's priced comfortably under 200 Euros and it really is leather. Cherie thinks even the most discerning eye will think it's tres cher and of course, tres chic.


Julienne said...

The bag....definitely tres chic!

Deja Pseu said...

Love the sac!

LPC said...

Cherie - I'll drink that champagne by the piscine, no problem:).

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Nice bag, and enjoy the SPA!

Ann said...

Have a lovely rest from your vacations! I, too, had a little too much fun this summer. Now I need a rest AND to stop drinking champagne, at least during the week. Piscine! That word makes me laugh everytime--the first sentences I learned in French (in high school, only a few years ago) were "Ou est Jacques? A la piscine."

Ann said...

Oh and thank you so much for becomming a follower of MY blog! I really enjoy yours!

Coté Provence said...

Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog... If I ever buy "that" house, we'll have champagne by my piscine!

A tres bientôt!


Anonymous said...

I just found this blog and I'm a bit confused. Is Cherie a real person or is she made up? She comes across as really snooty and even a bit offensive. Maybe my sense of humor is off if this is meant to be humorous. Can someone clarify for me? I find the other posts delightful.

Tish Jett said...

Dear Anonymous,

Cherie is "The Evil Twin" -- she's the imaginary "friend."

She exists, but she doesn't exist. The twins are: "You-Know-Who" or Tish Jett (moi) and Cherie who I will not say lies, but she does exaggerate and yes she is obnoxious.

Hope that helps.

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