Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Weekend In The Country

As promised, a peek into our potager. Fascinating, non?

On many occasions I have revealed my lack of talent in the jardin and in the cuisine, but honestly I don't think it's my fault that all the tomatoes are green. If I'm not mistaken, one plants tomatoes (among other things) tries to keep weeds at bay, waters when necessary and hopes the sun will do the rest. Well, check, check, check and this year the farmer across the way gave us nice manure and other stuff to make the garden grow.

You know too how much I LOVE  our garden and the potager and when pressed I can turn out a fairly good repast, but I come from a long line of terrible cooks. 

(I think that's why my parents always had a martini cocktail hour before dinner which was then eaten by candlelight. Apparently there was always enough light to correct my table manners however.)

OK, back to my green tomatoes. Was there a recipe in that famous movie or do any of you have any suggestions? As you can see from the heavily drooping vines (of green tomatoes) if they turn red over night I will be in big trouble. Before you suggest or ask, obviously I don't know how to "can" anything.

Merci par avance. I can't wait, and if you come up with something spectacular I'm sure My-Reason-For-Living-In-France will be overwhelmed with gratitude.

P.S.: When bending over to take these pictures I pulled up a couple of weeds and tossed that little stone -- just saying. . .

A demain for the exciting line-up.


Deja Pseu said...

I'll bet they're going to be delicious!

Mine are just starting to ripen. I've had maybe half a dozen edible ones so far, but like you, I'm afraid the "harvest" will all come in at once. I don't have any particular recipes either, aside from a "caprese" (sliced, layered with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese).

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I also have lots of green ones still. Last year they did not ripen all at once, I ended up picking all the remaining green ones and taking them back to the UK. They in fact just ripened on the shelf and I used them for salads, cooking or what ever. I had intended making green tomato chutney but it was not necessary. With all the courgettes and squash I also made masses of Ratatouille which I froze. Diane

LPC said...

I have a tomato pant which looks very similar. Except mine is less well-behaved and tied to stakes with all kinds of unruly string. Two are reddening. I do not know what the future holds. I've just been planning bruschetta, essentially a babyfood version of caprese. With a lot of garlic. Everything's unruly around here at the moment.

BigLittlewolf said...

Love your potager! (Fresh tomates in the summer - délicieux.)

Anonymous said...

Most of us in the South have something very like this in the family repretoire--in fact we can't wait for green tomatoes to make the first one.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Our tomatoe plants look very alike...the summer started late and the tomatoes are coming along very slowly. I'll be leaving them on the vine until it gets colder...if you like Fried Green Tomatoes saute them until they are softened in a wee nob of butter add salt and pepper then drizzle with Worchestershire sauce.

Shelley said...

If you run out of time before the weather turns, take the whole plant out of the ground and hang it by the roots - in a garage or something. The tomatoes will eventually turn red. Alternatively, pick them and put into a paper bag and close it. That is another way to get them to ripen. Or do the green tomato thing... Nice looking plants!

knitpurl said...

Agree with suggestions given (e.g. Shelley's) especially the website recipe. Very surprised your tomatoes haven't ripened totally. We've been inundated this year and are about finished with red, ripe tomatoes, at least I am. I've already pulled several plants. Don't think my husband cares. xoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh how lovely to have tomatoes in the potager....I only do herbs since I really don't like to eat tomatoes raw, but can I cook up a great SAUCE! Crushed with garlic, olive oil, onions and basil, add white beans and salmon and chèrie, you have yourself a fabulous stew. Just sayin'.....Anita

"All things French" said...

They look so healthy ~ we are at the end of our winter here and I am looking forward to planting out my little pottager ~tomatoes basil cos lettuce and italian parsley~

kathy peck leeds said...

I live during the summer on Martha's Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts. I make a dish with green tomatoes which is fabulous:
Fried green tomatoes (with flour, cornmeal, or whatever you like)
Topped with lobster salad, tossed with light amount of mayonnaise, and a large dollop of mashed, seasoned avocado (guacamole like) on top.
It's a fantastic first course, lunch, whatever - great combination of flavors.

nancy said...

The best use of green one is this:
slice , dip in cornmeal, fry til golden in bacon fat ( or oil of your choice)
salt and pepper and enjoy!

tish jett said...

Thank you all so much.

Kathy, your "salad" sounds out of this world. If I could pull that off I know a great many people who would be amazed and grateful.

Thank you.

Skye, I'll be over to check to see what's unruly in your world.

Shelley, I've heard about that paper bag trick, if you say it works, I believe you. Carole you too.

You know something, Anita? YOU are a constant ray of sunshine.

Nancy, I think that's what my mother did. Maybe she even left some bacon in. I vaguely remember. I wonder how French people would/will take to green tomatoes.

Ummm, ratatouille, love it Diane. Don't make it, but do love it. And, I have courgette in the garden, plus all the requisite herbs. Maybe, just maybe this year. . .

I don't know, Pseu, maybe I'll try to slip it by MRFLIF and see what happens, maybe I should try Skye's way, it's less obvious.

Dear Anonymous, I'll shall take a look. Merci.

Dear Hostess, Worchesthire sauce, really? Interesting.

Keep us au courant Dianne.

Morgane said...

hello letitia

the best way to use your green tomatoes is to do a confiture! It's really good ! je sais ça sonne bizarre mais c'est très bon ...

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