Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Look, Book, Buy

You can see that hedline is sort of like the book "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" -- it all depends upon your punctuation. (Eats shoots and leaves. . .) Subtitle of the stunning, worth owning, and giving as gifts book, is "The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation."

Don't you just love my digressions?

My point (you're probably asking with the slightest hint of annoyance) is: We have here our fall/winter look book of gray ideas to use when shopping. Many of you, like moi meme, probably have many grays ready and waiting in the closet -- very exciting -- a new something-or-other will make our old grays sing.

From the top:
  • Stella McCartney showing us how it's worn and right below her one of her perfect products.
  • Louis Vuitton -- twice
  • Cher Michel Klein
  • Marc Jacobs -- twice
  • Hermes -- twice
  • Emporio Armani
Chloe (Yes, it's true, this is probably the third time I've showed you this, but I do love it so.)

I suspect we shall re-visit this subject. I have a thing for gray, mainly because it can be soooo close to almost being black. It makes dressing so simple, so classic, so pure, so elegant. What more can one say? Surely I'll think of something.


Wildernesschic said...

I cannot wear grey .. it makes me look grey.. apart from a touch of charcoal. I do however love it on others, and I adore the simplicity of these designs. Camel is my neutral luckily also popular this Autumn.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I am very fond of grey but I do usually like to put a bit of colour some where if only a scarf. I will be delving into the depths of my cupboard fishing out all the grey once more. I am a great hoarder and my clothes gets recycled quite often:-) Diane

Rebecca said...

I'm very excited to wear my grey and actually be "in style"! Seems to me these are sensible fashion - simple and classy.

Deja Pseu said...

I love grey as a neutral because it truly is neutral. I think color sometimes looks to jarring when paired with black (I'm thinking scarves here) but grey works with almost everything.

I keep hoping to see something in camel that I need, but so far, it's been almost absent on the racks here.

ms. caboo said...

Love all of the grey! I wish I had the long legs to pull off those beautiful clothes!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

I adore grey and think it looks so sophisticated and chic. A very lovely change from black I think. I have several grey pieces from last year that I'm looking forward to wearing when the weather cools off.

BODECI body said...

Oh, shades of gray! How beautiful they are! Love the classic, simple looks.

Duchesse said...

A friend of mine went shopping with me last weekend in a soft blue (almost wedgewood) Armani pencil skirt and a grey fine cashmere v-neck; she looked marvelous. She said she only wears grey in fabrics with nap, and I think she's on to something. Grey needs some play of light, or very, very superior fabric to come alive.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love the last one!! Grey is a hard one for me. I always think it makes me look sleepy. But, technically, with my colouring it's supposed to work. Maybe I'll try again this season. You've tempted me.

Rattus Scribus said...

Dear Tish,
Thank you for visiting Rattus Scribus and your kind comment. Anita encouraged me to blog and has been my chief inspiration. It has taken a while to find out what I want to do with Rattus and to carve regular time to do something of quality or not at all. It is my goal weekly to post an item worthy of the reader's time, so I thank you for yours.

On another subject, I really enjoyed reading your blog (I'm saving it to my list). Yes, it is for women: learning that "living a beautiful life is about style, elegance, discipline, simplicity and generosity." But the male species would do well to learn this, and to rely less on their reptilian impulses which historically have displayed themselves on variations of the theme, eat-or-be-eaten.

Humbly yours,

Belle de Ville said...

I love gray as a wardrobe staple. The color doesn't even look good on me but I have a closet full of it. It mixes so well with navy, camel, black, red, even pink and light blue.
I'm glad to see it back on the runways this season.


Love this, Tish. About 10 years ago gray was HUGE (I was still at Sak's 5th Avenue then). So many ways to punch it up, or just pair with black or even leopard and it's classic. The looks you've chosen are fab. xx's Marsha

Cynthia said...

I wear grey no matter what. To me, it's always "in."
I am bringing grey pants to Paris, a grey wool beret, a grey sweater, a black and grey dress, and grey stockings. I will mix this with black and a little teal.

First and foremost, fashion is inspiration.
Personal style is how you incorporate what's in with what looks good on you.

knitpurl said...

On a very warm, humid afternoon (see what A.'s missing visiting you this week)I loved most everything you posted. My faves were Stella McC.'s and Chloe's greys.

Right now, I'm back to summer clothes to survive the end of summer heat -- blah!
xoxoxo, C.

PS - Still awaiting a pix of those leather socks...

BigLittleWolf said...

These are all dreamy. I adore grays, and am grateful that I can wear them with my coloring.

And what a relief to see women looking chic with their arms not bare! It seems increasingly difficult to find fashion statements without the requisite strapless or sleeveless look - which simply will not do for some of us.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TISH DEAREST, You WILL have something wonderful to say about this fabulous color; these images have an almost PLATINUM feel to them, which is my metal of choice for jewelry....so chic. Thank you for your lovely comments on my post...coming from you that is extra uplifting, for I value your talents and professionalism. And my husband as well....HE IS A FABULOUS WRITER, and hopes to publish one day (so do I, as a childrens' author). Thank you for making OUR day with your comments! BONNE JOURNÉE! Anita

That's Not My Age said...

Now that I don't really wear black anymore - except maybe on holiday with a tan - grey is the perfect substitute. Though I have to be careful with the shade, charcoal is fine but paler tones make me look pale and washed out.

Ann said...

One of each please, but if only two, some Marc Jacobs and Michel Klein!

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