Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deck the Halls, Tables, Doors. . . Part II

Bienvenue to the second day of exquisite holiday decorating. 

What I'm discovering with the remarkable and varied talents of the interior designers who so graciously agreed to participate in this week-long series, is that creating beauty -- even for ephemeral moments like a meal, a fireplace mantle, a Christmas tree -- brings such richness, pleasure and joy to life that every second of effort that goes into making a home sparkle in celebration of the season might very well be the true definition of magic. 

Today the tremendously talented, Francine Gardner (dash over to see her blog, Art de Vivre
-- it most definitely is the definition of l'art de vivre), lets us peek into her home to see how she sets her table, decorates her tree and welcomes her friends with the entry, pictured above.


My decorating suggestions: Keep it simple, ethereal, scented, filled with memories or treasured moments and always, always a real tree.


I prefer monochromatic trees and especially white. This year my tree is sparkling. I always have white doves perched on branches, small mirrors to reflect the lights, cascading seeds and rhinestones.

I love a chaise by the tree with a cashmere blankets and pillows where I rest in the evening, reading or reflecting on the year that is about to end.


I invite friends for Christmas lunch, usually for 16 to 20. My husband cooks and I set the table. We have a rich lunch of fois gras, duck a l'orange, a perfect Bordeaux, a buche de Noel and Armagnac -- I am, after all, from Gascogne.


I love formal table settings from bright reds and orange to pure white and silver. This year the table will be glittering white to end what has been a rather difficult year in shimmering style.

Finally, I dress my entry console with simple greenery.

 And, in my showroom, I just placed butterflies on moss covered branches in lieu of ornaments.


Tabitha said...

Oh this is my favourite tree and table setting so far, I so want to go to dinner at this abode!

ms. caboo said...

Once again, stunning holiday decor. It's good to be reminded that red and green aren't required to set a holiday tone at home. The place settings are just beautiful. I'd be happy to just sit and stare at the table!

Well, maybe with a glass of wine.

Lorrie said...

Gorgeous tree, gorgeous tables. I like your comment "creating beauty...brings such richness to life." OUI!
And the idea of ending a difficult year with a shimmering table - a sign of hope. OUI! OUI!

Beatnheart said...

how glorious...your friends are lucky...I’m having a GIVEAWAY...come on by.

Deja Pseu said...

Everything is so lovely. That stemware on the table settings is just divine.

little augury said...

Love Francine's clear statement tree, my place at table with all the lavenders and purples is set-I hope. thanks for the gorgeous display.

Belle de Ville said...

That table with the blue is beautiful!

knitpurl said...

"Always a live tree", another beautiful post, thanks Tish. xoxo,C

Francine Gardner said...

Merci Tish for including me in your Christmas blog !All i need now is a major snowstorm and stay in to enjoy the moment.

Britta said...

I love that, thank you! And will copy the idea to put hellebores onto the table (at this moment they are freezing on our big balcony)

knitpurl said...

Francine Gardner's blog is amazing and one needs to savor it. Thanks for directing us to check it out, Tish. xoxo, C.

Cathi said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I especially love your room with the Christmas tree! Have a wonderful evening! xxoo :)

quintessence said...

What a beautiful ethereal tree!! And would love to have an invitation to that lunch - gorgeous table and delectable menu - does it get any better?!

Suzanne Vachon said...

Hi Tish,

Would love to come to your Christmas dinner, your table looks terrific, worthy of D'Artagnan the muskateer from Gascogne. Bravo, Mes meilleurs voeux pour un très Joyeux Noël et une merveilleuse année, mille joies et mille bonheurs.


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