Thursday, January 27, 2011

News, Views -- You Know the Drill. . .

Cherie is not feeling up to par, which makes her even more unpleasant than she is when she's in fine form. "Good mood" is not part of her genetic makeup on good days and on bad days, well she mustn't be allowed out of her bed. 

As a result, let down once more by her unpredictable nature, I am on my own, forced to cobble together what I hope will entertain you. At least it won't offend. 

Let's get to the headlines.

Old (er) Is the New Young Again (Whatever)

Several French publicity agencies were asked to propose a "look" for the future. The idea behind the exercise, as I understand it, was to come up with an ideal that portrayed an aging population in a positive way that would -- surprise, surprise -- flatter the subjects and thus lead to -- are you ready for this(?) -- more sales. Of course, the blah-blah supporting the proposals said the notion behind the campaign would be to make, in the case I'm featuring here, women feel good about themselves. 

Or, as the director of Publicis 133, Emmanuelle Guillon, told Figaro Madame magazine, regarding the ad with the gorgeous woman with white hair, explained: We want "to show the good signs of aging, to show wrinkles under the condition that they are as beautiful as possible."

She went on to say the substance of the marketing for the future was to send the message that a woman wants to "age better" and "not less."

Well, hello?! 

Pretty-Funny (as in sort of funny strange)

Am I the last girl on the block to see this canvas sack? It features a  Birkin bag embossed on each side and even in the fold on either end -- that's sort of clever -- like the real thing.

One cannot help but wonder what Hermes thinks of this. I remember when I would write in a story "a Chanel-like jacket" a week or so later I would get a letter from Chanel lawyers with low-level threats. I can't imagine the company is still wasting postage on that exercise. After all, it was Chanel herself who said, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery."

If you're interested in owning a "Birkin" for under $35, click here: Thursday Friday

The sack is called "Together" -- I guess that means canvas, Hermes and clever marketing.

Are Good Manners Demodé?

I considered mentioning the table manners of Julie's husband in the Julie & Julia film, but decided, "Oh, no, just move on." To my delight The French Touch blog author said she thought they were revolting (my word). I thought they were appalling. 

Maybe I should do an entire post on politesse. What do you think? Why are so many people forgetting that good manners are kindness in its most elevated form?

Let me know what you think.


Deja Pseu said...

Oh yes, would love to hear about manners and politesse, especially French style!

K.Bean said...

Good manners will never be out of style.

Duchesse said...

Selling to the Elder: As I age I am less interested in buying stuff, and know what I like, so good luck to them.

Canvas Birkin: Remember the jelly Birkin? Cheeky young accessory for one summer. Grown women should avid jokey, ironic items. Hermes may be (secretly) delighted as the house is trying to court the young buyer.

Manners: I am sure your readers are already have good manners but we can use all the endorsement we can find to convince some people (who may even be my family) that manners still count.

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

As Joelle would say, we did not look like that at age 18 so how can we look like that then? (she was referring to Jane Fonda... We are ALL trying to age "well" and buy... Great post and yes something on politesse!

That's Not My Age said...

Oh I'm always trying to make my wrinkles look as beautiful as possible - perhaps I'll buy the canvas Birkin and wear it over my head!

Villette said...

I would love to have a post on how a French woman of a certain age manages to be elegant in great summer heat -- especially on holiday, when she is surrounded by tan 20-somethings who stay cool by showing acres of bare flesh.
There is no summer equivalent to the black cashmere turtleneck -- even perfect black linen trousers are too hot for a Frenchwoman on holiday in the Med -- aren't they? Please, Tish, what is the trick?

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Tish, oh yes do! I think good manners cost nothing. It really annoys me when people don't have them.

I wonder what Hermes thinks of the Birken. I'd preferred if they'd called it something else as bad spelling is also another pet hate!

Doesn't the lady look amazing in that picture. I don't know whether I'd ever go white but I think it's very stylish. I want to look like Carmen dell'orefice! Hope all's good with you xx

Belle de Ville said...

Wrinkles, what wrinkles? That lovely mature lady has a few fine lines here and there. I don't think that there is any miracle topical product that she has used, she was just genetically programmed to have great skin....and maybe she's had injections.
Of course there is nothing like having great bone structure to begin with to be able to age well.

Charlotte said...

Perhaps it is good manners to age as well as possible. And to not make others uncomfortable by exhibiting physical decay on every surface--lest someone come along and cover you with graffiti. ;-)

M-T said...

Well, my dear kindred spirit, it appears that it is not necessary for me to tell you what I think about his table manners, since we are clearly on the same "longueur d'onde."

Did you know that it is considered absolutely correct in France for a married woman to put her elbows on the table in between courses, but not a single woman? Quite true.

Gretchen said...

I'll take any politesse comments you provide--as mentioned by other readers, it's more an endorsement of what I already know. With your twists, I'm sure to be able to share new knowledge with my teenagers as proof it's not merely Mom who's "obsessive" about good manners!

Karena said...

Tish I wonder if persons of a certain younger age would even take heed! It would be nice if they did.

Art by Karena

LPC said...

Manners. Yes please! :)

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Oui, manners please. I agree with Christina. Good manners cost nothing. They are some of the most valuable things you can ever own. You can be attired in the most chic outfit and your make-up perfectly applied, but if you have bad manners, the whole image is ruined.

Julie's husband was absolutely disgusting in that movie. Can you imagine what Julia C. would have thought compared to her charming Paul?

Rubiatonta said...

Chez nous, to the chagrin of my 8 year-old nephew, I am the Chief of the Manners Police. Which means no chewing with one's mouth open, no elbows on the table, and no monopolizing the adults' conversation. That last one is the hardest, believe me.

Pearl said...

One of the best quotes I have ever heard on manners was said by the character of Troy in the film BLAST FROM THE PAST (yes, an unlikely sourse!): "good manners are just a way of showing other people we have respect for them."
I have always remembered this, and believe it absolutely.

California Girl said...

It is very difficult to grow old gracefully in the U.S. even though the Baby Boomers, of which I am one, still comprise the largest percentage of the population and still spend a serious amount of money. We need more role models.

Women such as the beautiful lady you picture do not permeate the advertisements in the magazines. Or, perhaps I'm reading the wrong magazines? Carmen Dell'Orefice is occasionally present in our ads. Wouldn't it be nice if that were the norm?

BODECI body said...

I think that the older a woman gets the more she is put off by the idea she needs to have designer labels or the latest look, she is fashionable from the place inside her called confidence. It is easier to sell to one who is insecure.

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