Saturday, March 26, 2011

Country Life -- On-the-Street

It's true, more time and energy went into my photography in Paris this week. 

But I did try to take a picture of a stunning geese couple, not a couple of geese, but a couple. Or would that be a goose couple? Do weigh in.

As you enter into the village where we live there is a large fishing pond nestled at the foot of a small hill. Every day for the past three weeks the handsome duo has been in exactly the same spot eating and chatting. My goal is to photograph them for you. 

Their goal yesterday was to get away from me as fast as their little legs would carry them. They didn't feel the effort of lift-off and take-off was necessary knowing instinctively they were faster than I am scuttling up a hill with a camera and a huge tote. They didn't see the point in wasting that extra energy. 

They were probably laughing.

I shall not give up. 

Rain is forecast, but the sun is not cooperating. I hope you have sunshine for your weekend.

A demain.


knitpurl said...

Liked all 3 pix. My fave is the first gal. Liked the 3rd pix as she's a woman dressing very well, despite size. Where I live most women give up. Funny about the goose couple. Maybe they're camera shy. xoxo
PS- found supportive ballerinas that fit beautifully - AGI, made in Italy. I'm becomming a convert!

knitwit said...

I live for your on-the-streets! All these women look fabulous and I'm really thrilled to see so much drapey-ness out there. If French women are wearing it, it's good enough for me!

Northmoon said...

I think it's a 'pair of geese', but I knew what you meant ;) Can you bribe them with food?

I love number 3 with the layers, shirt, vest, scarf. this is what I need to work on for my outfits.

thank you for the inspiration!

Deja Pseu said...

Great photos, Tish! Glad you're getting some sunshine.
I'm with Knitwit, love to see these softer silhouettes, so much easier to wear!

(If it's more than two geese, it's a gaggle.)

quintessence said...

Sounds like you need a long telephoto! And loving that first shot with the chic cape/throw - always a great look!!

Rubiatonta said...

Ooh, and more smiles! It must be some sort of epidemic!

LPC said...

I never wear wraps but that first woman makes me want to try them. And the last woman makes me want to wear baggy pants!

Karena said...

Tish I am ready for a wrap, very stylish the first, the images are all wonderful though.

Art by Karena

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