Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dressing Up & Staying In: Part II

Carole Lombard, dressed up, covered up, & obviously planning to stay in.

Two words come to mind when thinking about beautiful nighttime lingerie: luxury and romance. 

What more could any woman wish from a swath of silk, satin and lace than all the promises it holds in its ethereal lightness? 

Lovely lingerie, often underrated and sometimes neglected, has found its advocates in this series. Here then is part two of a collective attempt to present varied arguments in favor of dressing up and staying home. 

As I've mentioned, I've asked my glam gal pals to weigh in on the subject. 

Today, Marsi, one of my dearest friends and creator of Luxebytes -- the name gives you an idea of her expertise in identifying true luxury and then treating it as it should be -- tells us what she thinks. Marsi does not believe more is best, she believes best is best and she chooses her luxuries with the eye of a curator.

Marsi also knows how to write. When you visit her you'll not only be treated to her writing style, but also her lifestyle. Every time you read her blog you will learn something you can use, which I think is a great luxury.

Satin and lace from Sally Jones.

Whenever I see a gorgeous peignoir or floaty nightgown, a shiver zigzags through my body -- not because I can't get enough of the sumptuous silks and chiffons, the feminine folds and frills, or the soft, delicate lace. No, I literally shiver because the thought of wearing these precious little nothings makes my blood run cold. You see, I live at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where, despite our 300 days of sunshine a year, we enjoy a rather cold climate.

Photograph, "Snow on the Flatirons" by Thomas Mangan.

It's even colder when you reduce your household energy consumption by dialing down the thermostat to Carter Administration levels, thus making pretty sleepwear and loungewear a fantasy best left on the padded hanger. And while cozy and warm, flannel pajamas are about as sexy as ... well ... flannel pajamas.

So what's the snappy dresser (that's vous) to do in le boudoir if she wants to maintain her style and body heat? Why not give yourself (and himself) the best of both worlds and top your flirty nightie with a luscious cashmere robe?

Loro Piana from Neiman-Marcus.

Even at the super-low, low sale price of $2,700 (!!), this mink-trimmed Loro Piana cashmere wrap is a to-die-for luxury that most of us can only dream of, but here's a down-to-earth option from Restoration Hardware, available each year during the holiday season for just $250, that'll make you feel every bit as posh, sensuous, and warm.

Restoration Hardware cashmere robes. Who knew?

Come October, it's going to be at the top of my shopping list, too.


Perdita said...

Too true, so many advocates of never-wear-less-than-glam forget that in a draughty home or cold climate it's pretty impossible.

I like to pair up soft knits and satin for warm glamour.

California Girl said...

Enjoying the studio photos of beautiful sexy Jean Harlow & Carole Lombard. I never gave much thought to the fact they would dress up to stay in. Well, I did but I didn't dwell on it too long. Seemed a peculiar advantage of the very rich. Myrna Loy in "The Thin Man" series wore wonderful clothes, particularly to stay home with Nicky.

Restoration Hardware robes...this I have to see.

Deja Pseu said...

A good robe is a must. Mmmm....cashmere!!!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Oh a cashmere robe would be a luxe treat!
Swooning from here...

BigLittleWolf said...

I am all for dressing up and staying in. I have always loved the look (and feel) of an old time slip. "Old time" as in satiny sixties - very comfortably and very sexy.

Speaking of which, the woman I always think of when I have that image is Elizabeth Taylor. And today more than ever, I think of her and the role she played in what I considered luscious, sensual, earthy, elegant style.

Here's to that particular icon, and the mold she broke.

knitpurl said...

How delightful to return to reading your blog today and find comments from one of my faves, Marsi. Cashmere, yum. Still wearing it here in the Midwest; moreso since I just returned from a Florida vacation. xoxo, C.
PS, Tish, managed the week away with only a carryon plus your packing tips previously blogged.

lyon de clarasvals said...

These are beautiful. I love all the different textures shown. However I have a question. I have asked other places but no one has a clue.
What do your significant others wear to bed?
I think any femme in these would deserve something besides flannel shorts and an old batman t-shirt to snuggle up with.
What would you like to see your partner in?

Marie-Christine said...

Earlier this year, Burda magazine had a nice unbuttoned boiled-wool cardigan to wrap yourself in at home. This has turned out to be a really good thing. My home office and bedroom face North and are icy in the winter, not conducive to silk slips alone. Flannel can be attractive as long as it's chose for a nice print in colors that suit you, not just earth-tone duckies. And a good sweater or in this case boiled-wool cardigan in bright color can be cheerful and attractive, as well as keep the pink on your cheeks and your teeth in resting position. Much more dressed up than any bathrobe I've ever seen.

ParisGrrl said...

The Restoration Hardware microfiber robes are lovely too--delightfully soft and plushy, and toasty warm. I made the mistake of reaching out a finger and touching one in the store and was hooked. Bliss.

Jennifer-The Adventuresome Kitchen said...

Love it Marsi!! I grew up just outside of Boulder. Miss those gorgeous mountains! Love the cashmere robe= you could probably find a mink collar at a good vintage shop for way less than 2k, and sew it on to feel just as glamorous! Given that I wander around my chilly house in terrycloth and fuzzy slippers, I think I'll be showing my husband these lovely robes. Time to de-frumpify my homelook. Say hi to those mountains!

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