Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Printemps Preview + This & That

Realizing duty calls, I've pried myself away from all reflective surfaces -- can't stop checking to see if my anti-age treatment is still working -- to get down to business.

(Picture above from Georgetown Custom Homes.)

Another here, there, everywhere day requiring the usual headline organization.

Jeans SHIRTS (!)

In Monday's post I talked about jeans "skirts" with a "K" being, or rather continuing to be, of the moment. My finger must have slipped from the "H" to the "K" by error. I meant to say: Jeans Shirts.

Since when have jeans sKirts ever been In? 

They are acceptable, the shirts that is, in all blue hues. I, of course, have a crush on the black one. 

What's going on with her lips?

These are from True Religion. I don't know whether that's why they're so expensive, about four or five times the price of Levi's or Gap. Maybe some fashion fanatic can launch into a long discourse on how they fit so well that they're worth upwards of $200.

Think Pink

Essie "Bachelorette Bash"

Deep pink on the toes perhaps? 

Another Survey

For those of you who like to know your sources for important information, all I can tell you is I saw the item in Figaro Madame magazine. "For (every? -- not clear) 10 women wishing to lose weight, seven are at or below their normal weight." 

One aspect of the "survey" seems evident to me, the question must have been posed to French women.

Are These A-d0r-able or What?

I snapped this in my pal Babette's shoe boutique the other day. And, no, this time they're not Repettos. Of course I want the one (well, two of them) on the right.

Diets Debut In March

More on this later, but March is the month when we're supposed to start thinking about and preparing for -- quelle horreur, maillot, and, I can barely type the word, "bikini" season. 

Just a nibble to whet your appetite for more: French nutritionists say fruit should never be a desert because of fermentation which causes bloating after a meal. Fruit should be eaten as a snack or 15 to 30 minutes before a meal. 


Deja Pseu said...

Hmm, may have to try some hot pink toes this next pedi! Would love the jeans shirts more without the boob pockets.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Hmm...the diet stats are a bit surprising.

Love the red flats, they make me smile!

ida said...

Thought you were going to do a Helen Bonham Carter with the shoes!!!
Like the dark navy shirt,agree with Deja Pseu about the boob pockets. Ida

Tabitha said...

Lots of folk in blighty say that about fruit too, I think you've either got a weak stomach or you haven't. I'm apple shaped so I've always got the bloat!

SewingLibrarian said...

Thank you for the pink polish recommendations! I particularly like the first one, "Splendeur," at least on my monitor. Will check it out the next time I'm shopping.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Tish, I love the pink nail polish and the shoes.

I agree about the fruit as a starter. Apparently I'm the ideal weight for my height 5'10" but I'm definitely not. And I have the bones of a Cambodian so fat looks awful. I need to exercise. I must dust off the Wii Fit from under the TV. I've only switched it once, shocking really xx

Northmoon said...

I have mixed feelings about the jean shirts. No, I think I'm not a fan. Perhaps if it was very fine fabric (and black) but then it would just be a western style shirt, not a jeans shirt.

Perhaps it's because I love my jeans, and a total outfit in denim ....there's a saying about a 'redneck tuxedo'.

Rubiatonta said...

I like chambray shirts, not denim. And I like mine without boob pockets. (I already have pockets for my boobs -- it's called a brassiere.)

Lottie said...

I'm going to have to get myself some of that Chanel Pulsion - absolutely gorgeous colour!

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