Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tripping Lightly Into Spring

Tequila Solo.

Since Printemps has not officially sprung on the calendar, I flitted about the collections and the magazines to see what I liked (and, I hope, you will too) to come up with, not so much trends as a collection of small this-es and thats I found charming.

We'll get to the real trends next week. Those of you who want color; you will be spoiled by your choices. And, the melange of hues is spectacular. Merci Yves Saint Laurent for long ago liberating the color barriers -- orange and red, red and violet, fuchsia and yellow -- for others to follow this year.

On with the show:

Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs.

Do you remember when talking about warm weather dressing, i.e. packing for a sunny holiday which many of you are taking (and I'm not) that I mentioned peasant blouses? At the time I noted that, in my opinion, they are one of the most flattering items any woman can own because most women have lovely shoulders.



To my surprise, I found several dresses, the summer fresh white and snappy stripped crepe de chine from Moschino and the filmy and crisp cotton color-blocked numbers by Marc Jacobs. Marc seems to be literally channeling YSL. 

Yes, they're dresses, which for many of us is waaaaay too much gypsy ethnic, but if we could cut off the skirts and wear them separately, wouldn't that be grand? The skirts on the Moschinos look like they are caught up on something and need a backstage dresser to pull them down. Even alone, as a skirt, I have my doubts. Marc Jacobs still works as a two-fer, in fact the violet and burnt orange may be two-pieces for all I know, unfortunately I wasn't an eye-witness.

OK, my point: I'm on the lookout for a peasant blouse. Think about it.


In the LBD category, which is usually sparse in warm weather months, out of the house of Rochas comes a simple, ethereal mousseline de soie beauty that floats romantically over the body and around the legs. Yes, granted, most of us would need to find appropriate underwear, it's a tad sheer I admit, but so pretty. It's also season-less and I suspect, immensely flattering.


An unresolved fashion quandary continues to be played out on the runways. The question: "Are we over "Mad Men" and full skirts -- or not." The response appears to be, "Not quite."

Orla Kiely.

Case in point, the silk Orla Kiely skirt Elle says we can't live without and the French confection from J. Peterman one of my dearest friends bought in pink. 

I think she returned it. Sometimes -- life can be so cruel -- hope does not coincide with reality.

Finally, I have a crush on the white linen blouse at the top from Tequila Solo which I would consider a waistcoat under a navy linen blazer (or, ahem, black linen -- I can't help myself, but I do own both). Imagine it with a long black, brown or navy mousseline skirt, a cummerbund and satin ballerinas at a black-tie event, or the next time you have to be on the Red Carpet.

So much more to tell you, but will stop until tomorrow. In passing, however, I thought I would mention, Cherie will address the following questions this week: engagement rings, sleep wear (she'll discuss whether that is or is not a euphemism), deep pink nail polish and whatever else she decides. I'm off to Paris and don't have time to delve into these deeply important topics.

By-the-by, I think you will be very proud of me when you see my on-the-street photos Friday. 


Shelley said...

We're very proud of you already...

When you say peasant blouse and shoulders my next thought is 'bra straps'. What were you planning to do about those, if anything?

metscan said...

The Rochas LBD is nice : ).

Duchesse said...

I thought about that Peterman skirt too as I'm always looking for that length. But on me, a woman of most definite hip, that's a lot of moving dot. I wonder why Peterman show sketches but not the actual garment- I find it much harder to assess.

Shari said...

That Tequila Solo blouse is really charming. What a versatile piece it could be.

Yes to the polka dot belt, too.

I have mixed feelings about peasant blouses. I love the way they look on others, but they tend to look like tents on my small frame. Maybe a tapered cut with a belt/ribbon to nip in the waist would work -- and a strapless bra.

Thank you for introducing a spot of Spring, Tish. Let's hope Mother Nature follows suit.

Lilacs In May said...

Re: knitting, check out videojug.com - shows you how to do virtually anything!

ida said...

Purple & rust fabulous colours together,often did them back in my youth,but more pared down.

Rochas I like but in navy! Ida

Claudia said...

Couldn't turn away from LBD.

BigLittleWolf said...

I love the look of the Marc Jacobs but only a tall woman could pull those off!

The Rochas is lovely (I'd opt for a few more underthings, personally), but I'm having difficulty finding/seeing anything that une femme petite d'un certain age could possibly carry off this season.

Other than DIVINE shoes, naturellement.

Might you ask Chérie what a Likable Lilliputian might go for this year? (1m50, chère Tish - pas évident !)

Belle de Ville said...

I love the Rochas dresses...If only I had somewhere to wear such pretty things...

Rubiatonta said...

I had a vaguely peasant-y shirt a couple of summers ago that I wore to death -- it didn't have the drooping shoulders, as I can't go sans soutien-gorge, but it did have wonderful flat-knit cotton lace and a very flowing feeling that I loved. And it was from Old Navy, go figure!

Hope I can find something similar for this summer.

andiamo! said...

I am so in love with the Tequila Solo lace blouse. I am in the process of trying to buy it on line...if I could only figure out the sizing :)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Tish, I can't wait to get my summer clothes out. We hardly had one here last year. Roll on the spring xx

Slavica said...

Aah peasant blouse, tanned shoulders, layered skirts - roll on summer

Karena said...

Rochas I love!! Nice selection all around Tish and the cashmere shawl is a delight!

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