Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Femme A La Maison

My idea of spring decorating is, grab garden scissors, head out to le jardin, cut massive bouquets of whatever the season may have on offer, and fill every vase I can find with the blooms.

The forsythia have bid me adieu until next year, now lilacs are filling our space. We have both white and deep purple, or perhaps I should say, "lilac."

Today is basically a "News & Views" post, but the twist -- can you still your beating heart(?) -- is an "at home" feature. I know, I know, too exciting, n'ext-ce pas?

Headlines oblige:

Been There, Done That

Maybe not. But since we're on the subject "lilac" what do you think of the La Cruset cocotte in that color family?

The first one I owned was in that burnt orange tone, then I had another one in the aqua family. Today in my pots and pans wardrobe, I'm all neutral, very similar to my other wardrobe.

Guess What They Are


Are all of you knitters out there paying attention?

Not much to say really. How about the French definition of "special"? That works.

They're from Ferm Living.

Oh So Beautiful. . .

Diptyque, makers of arguably the world's most exquisite perfumed candles, has come up with an ingenious new product. Their  Palet Parfumé is made to slip into linen closets and lingerie drawers.

Framed in white porcelain is a "cake" of the candle-makers perfume imbibed wax. It is not only beautiful, as you can see, but also rich in fragrance.

Until everyone hears about them, it seems to me they would make a perfect gift, particularly for those who have everything. Before Diptyque candles were all over the world, they were the most coveted gifts I could give friends.

The palets come in four fragrances: rose, lavande, baies and ambre. Unfortunately my favorite, oranger, is not in the repertoire.

My linen closet is filled with lavender fuseaux. I think they're charming and give me enormous pleasure every time I take out a towel or a sheet. Unfortunately, they quickly lose their fragrance.

I just re-spray them.  That's my home deco tip of the day. . .


Deja Pseu said...

One of my sister's former roommates used to make those lavender wands.

Creuset in lavender just seems *wrong* to me.

Thank you, thank you for alerting us to the Diptyque wax "sachets!" This would be a fabulous Mothers' Day gift for my MIL! Am going to search these out.

lala said...

I have a beautiful Le Creuset braiser in green, a color exclusive to Sur Le Table. It seems just right for food and suits my home. But lavender? It looks like grape, like it should be the color of a candy.

kathy peck said...

Don't like the new Le Creuset color at all. I don't think it looks appealing with food.
I still love the flame, orange to red. Bought my first one at 19, and still have it, and others that I've added to my collection.
It has a vintage feel to me, and looks great with food.

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

It seems everything's bursting out with new spring joie de vivre! It was fun browsing through your list.

Rubiatonta said...

Oh, the cocotte! No matter how much I love purple (a lot), I don't think I would buy it. It could be worse, I suppose, if it was also scratch-and-sniff. (Lilac-scented coq au vin? Bleh.)

Merci mille fois for the Mother's Day idea in the form of wax sachets -- it's the sort of indulgence that my Mom and Gran will both love.

Belle de Ville said...

I still have a set of blue Le Creuset that I bought when I got married in 1982 and I use it all the time. The blue matched the mexican tiles that I had in my kitchen. Today I would probably go for the flame color. Like Kathy said, it has a nice vintage feel and the color goes well with food.

I love Diptyque candles so I'm going to look for the wax sachets. Pseu is right, they would make great Mother's Day gifts.

Lorrie said...

Thanks for pointing out the "Palet Parfumé" from Diptyque. I love scenting my closet, but like you, I find that the fresh lavender loses its scent quickly.

BigLittleWolf said...

Ah, lilacs. Love them outside, or cut for adorning the inside, but as a color for my cookware?

Um... not so much.


Spiral Style said...

My cocotte is blue. I love the color variety.
Thanks for the tips. I'm intrigued by the Diptyque sachets.

Duchesse said...

Oh, want those perfumed cakes like everyone else! When fresh lavender loses its scent I cheat with a few drops of essential oil.

I like netural enamels. White is pretty but it gets oven-stained so quickly.

classic • casual • home said...

I got my husband a giant Le Creuset pot in white for Christmas (the only gift he wanted--I love that man) and we have old ones in navy and orange. I am not crazy about the violet one. I have lavender growing in the garden...should I do anything with it? I just got back from Paris last night and am so jet lagged here in California.

inbrightness said...

i love the Palet Parfumé! ahhh! i cant wait to purchase some! thanks so much for sharing!

knitpurl said...

Tish, I gave Cherie the wrong info. on the latest manicure trend in this part of the world. It's shellac nail polish, which is some sort of gel hybrid (!). My nail tech soaks polish off and re-applies every 2-3 weeks. Hope Cherie will excuse my error. Hey, we had sun here an hour ago - I need to celebrate. xoxo, C.
PS. also appreciate the alert on D. wax "sachets".

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